News Headlines in Nanaimo: 1874 - 1934

In 1934, to mark the 60th anniversary of the City's incorporation,  the Nanaimo Free Press published a special Jubilee Edition which featured selected headlines from 1874 to 1934.  Researchers interested in reading more should consult the Free Press on microfilm at the Vancouver Island Regional Library or at Vancouver Island University.


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1874 - April 6

Black Diamond Lodge, No. 5. I.O.O.F [International Order of Oddfellows]., inaugurated

1874 - April 15

Nanaimo Free Press commences publication

1874 - April 15

Indian woman and son murdered near Douglas Pit

1874-April 22

Nanaimo Militia Company formed

1874-May 19

Gabriola Island census recorded 19 settlers

1874-May 23

First ballad concert here

1874-May 25

Queen's birthday celebration; sloop races in harbour and horse racing on Comox Road

1874-June 3

Mr. T.E. Peck appointed Collector of Customs

1874-June 8

John Meakin rescued a Chinaman who accidentally fired Douglas Pit.

1874-July 1

Wesleyan Methodist Dominion Day picnic at Protection Island

1874-July 8

Point Atkinson lighthouse completed

1874-July 28

Vancouver Coal Co. miners' strike on doctor question

1874-Aug 5

Miners' strike settled

1874-Aug 5

Nanaimo schools re-open with 90 pupils attending

1874-Aug 19

Coal struck at Harewood Mine

1874-Sept 18

First plank sawn at Robertson and Co. sawmill, successor to Hudson Bay Co. mill, opened in 1851

1874-Sept 30

Richard Haslam killed by fall of rock at Newcastle Mine

1874-Oct 3

Nanaimo River Bridge completed, and tested by yoke of oxen, dragging ton load

1874-Oct 21

New Masonic Lodge dedicated by Ashlar Lodge, No. 3

1874-Oct 24

Nanaimo Indians terrified by moon eclipse

1874-Nov 25

Gold discovered at north of Island

1874-Dec 24

Nanaimo created municipality with mayor and seven councillors

1875-January 2

William Earl appointed post master, vice J. Harvey

1875-January 19

Mark Bate elected first mayor; Councillors elected: J. Bryden, R. Brinn, R. Nightingale, J. Pawson, W. Raybould, J. Dick, J. Hirst

1875-January 20

Harbor frozen solidly to Protection Island

1875-Feb. 1

C. N. Young appointed first City Clerk

1875-March 13

Survey party completed preliminary work on proposed E & N Railway

1875-March 23

Several houses levelled by terrific gale

1875-April 7

Sloop Ringleader sank in harbor

1875-April 14

Coal struck in Dunsmuir bore at Departure Bay

1875-April 16

Brewery commenced operations on Mill Street

1875-May 19

Hudson Bay Co.'s "Old Stone House" converted into city jail.

1875-May 24

Queen's birthday celebration lasted three days.

1875-June 30

Court Nanaimo Foresters' Home inaugurated; James Knight first Chief Ranger.

1875-Sept. 15

J. Bryden elected to Provincial House

1875-Oct. 9

Postmaster Earl laid first sidewalk here, on Church Street.

1875-Oct. 27

James Knight, Nanaimo, elected D.C.R. for A.O.F. [Ancient Order of Foresters], Columbia District

1875-Oct. 30

Ravine Street bridge completed; 292 feet long and 40 feet wide.

1875-Nov. 4

Several Nanaimoites were drowned when steamer Pacific foundered

1875-Nov. 27

Steel rails for E & N arrived.

1875-Dec. 23

Quen-es-ton, chief of Nanaimo Indians, passed away.

1875-Dec. 29

Municipal voters numbered 142

1876-Jan. 12

Mayor Bate re-elected for second term as Chief Magistrate.

1876-Jan. 18

Coal struck at 500 feet by Vancouver Coal Co.

1876-Jan. 26

Entire harbor frozen solid.

1876-Feb. 2

1875 records showed 36 births, 12 marriages and 16 deaths.

1876-Feb. 18

Diver Lake Hotel burned to the ground.

1876-Feb. 25

Two hundred and eighty-eight and a half tons of coal hoisted at Douglas Pit.

1876-Feb. 26

Two locomotives of 10-ton hauling power tested at Wellington.

1876-March 1

Illicit traffic of liquor to Indians caused 97 per cent of court cases in 1875.

1876-March 18

Locomotives replaced mules at Wellington.

1876-March 21

Coal transported over aerial tramway from Harewood to Cameron Island, distance of 2.14 miles.

1876-March 22

Steamer Grappler sent aground on Beacon Rock.

1876-March 28

Steamer Beaver, first steamer to enter Pacific, also first one to moor at Hirst's new wharf.

1876-April 12

Suspension bridge built from peninsula to Cameron Island.

1876-April 22

Caribou Fly made trial run.

1876-April 29

Entrance Island light-house completed.

1876-April 29

First coal shipped from Harewood mine.

1876-May 31

Sixteen-ton locomotive purchased for Wellington mines.

1876-June 1

Court Western Star, No. 6194 A.O.F. [Ancient Order of Foresters], inaugurated at Wellington.

1876-June 14

First bricks in district made at Sabiston farm.

1876-Aug. 1

Miners ended strike at Wellington.

1876-Aug. 24

Earl and Countess of Dufferin visited Nanaimo.

1876-Sept. 26

Mr. J. Planta organized Base and Foot Ball Club.

1876-Oct. 7

Coal struck at Cornish farm, Wellington.

1876-Oct. 14

Chute erected on Albert St. for local users of Harewood coal.

1876-Oct. 25

First baseball game, Nanaimo lost to Wellington.

1876-Nov. 2

Comox Road site chosen for cemetery.

1876-Nov. 22

Robert Gray, Gabriola, chosen keeper of Entrance Island light.

1876-Dec. 13

Telegraph line survey from Victoria completed.

1876-Dec. 13

John Bryden, M.L.A. [M.P.P. Member of Provincial Parliament] resigned.

1876-Dec. 17

Wellington Methodist Church dedicated.

1877-Jan. 8

Mark Bate re-elected as mayor for third term.

1877-Jan. 19

D. W. Gordon elected to Provincial House.

1877-Jan. 28

Nanaimo Hospital established.

1877-Feb. 10

Sash and Door Factory opened on Mill Street.

1877-Feb. 13

Wellington miners strike for increased rate.

1877-Feb. 18

Nanaimo River rose 13 feet in single day.

1877-March 2

H.M.S. Rocket arrived to quell strikers.

1877-March 1

R. Dunsmuir withdrew libel suit against G. Norris, the Free Press editor, who sympathized with miners.

1877-April 4

Miners evicted from their homes at Wellington.

1877-April 24

First two dollar bills seen here.

1877-April 30

St. Ann's Convent School, Wallace Street, opened.

1877-June 6

Strike ended at Wellington.

1877-July 17

Stationary fire engine secured by Brigade.

1877-Sept. 14

Two-ton block of coal raised to surface at Wellington.

1877-Sept. 19

E. Quennell and A. LeClaire discovered gold at Boulder Creek.

1877-Sept. 29

Old Commercial Street [bridge?] demolished and new one commenced.

1877-Sept. 29

Two earthquake shocks recorded here.

1877-Nov. 11

Samuel Gough, Princess Royal arrival, wed to Miss Elizabeth Woodward by Rev. C. Bryant.

1877-Dec. 25

Catholic Church opened by Father Lemmens.

1878-Jan. 14

Mayor Bate re-elected for fourth term.

1878-Feb. 6

Coal discovered near Oyster River

1878-Feb. 20

South Wellington Mine opened by Francis and Nicholas.

1878-March 23

James Abrams completed Bridge Street tannery.

1878-April 6

Schooner Experiment ran aground on Gabriola Island.

1878-April 20

Several Commercial street stores razed by fire.

1878-May 4

Mayor Bate organized first fire brigade.

1878-May 11

George Thomson appointed postmaster at Wellington.

1878-May 22

D. W. Gordon re-elected to Provincial House.

1878-July 20

Sun eclipse witnessed here.

1878-Aug. 11

Town had two narrow escapes from bush fire.

1878-Aug. 16

Pecks' Synagogue, Departure Bay, burned to ground.

1878-Aug. 27

Edward Prior appointed sheriff.

1878-Sept. 11

C.C. McKenzie, new Superintendent of Education, replaced E. Jessop, resigned.

1878-Oct. 2

Fire brigade purchased new pumper.

1878-Nov. 6

A. Bunster defeated D. W. Gordon in Dominion elections.

1878-Dec. 9

Record output of 504 tons of coal at Wellington.

1878-Dec. 11

James Abrams wed to Miss Georgina Wenborn.

1879-Jan. 14

Mayor Bate re-elected for fifth term.

1879-Jan. 17

Mayor Bate received and tested first street lamp.

1879-Jan. 22

Three thousand Indians attended Cowichan Jim's potlatch at local reserve.

1879-March 1

Newcastle quarry is re-opened.

1879-March 27

Lt. Col. C. Houghton wed to Marion, third daughter of R. Dunsmuir.

1879-April 17

Eleven killed in explosion at Wellington.

1879-May 15

First message received over telegraph lines from Victoria.

1879-June 25

First cargo of coal shipped from South Wellington Colliery.

1879-July 23

Telegraph line opened for business with Miss McCarthy as operator.

1879-Sept. 6

Gallows Point [Protection Island] selected by military authorities as site for Nanaimo Battery to protect harbor from invasion.

1879-Sept. 10

First meet of B.C. Rifle Ass'n held in Nanaimo, opened at Nanaimo Rifle Butts by Mrs. Robert Dunsmuir.

1879-Oct. 11

Oddfellows' Hall, Commercial Street, dedicated.

1879-Oct. 15

Dunsmuir and Diggle purchased all interests in Wellington Colliery.

1879-Nov. 15

South Wellington Mine sold to Dunsmuir interests.

1880-Jan. 10

Municipal revenue for 1879 was $5,844.43 with expenditure of $5,819.65

1880-Jan. 12

John Pawson elected as mayor by acclamation. M. Bate declined to run.

1880-Feb. 21

First Caledonian Society formed here with R. Dunsmuir, J. Bryden, D. Urquhart, J. Crossan and R. Gibson as chieftains and H. Adams as warden.

1880-March 11

$20,000 fire destroyed machine and blacksmith shops of V.C. [Vancouver Coal] Company.

1880-April 10

V. C. [Vancouver Coal] Co. miners ended strike

1880-April 14

Old landmark, trading post of Hudson Bay Co., erected when Nanaimo was but a primeval forest, demolished.

1880-April 26

First shipment via rail of coal to Departure Bay from Wellington Colliery.

1880-May 13

J. Korter killed by explosion of old 70 pound shell on Commercial Street opposite Masonic Hall.

1880-May 29

M. Bray appointed Government Agent, vice E.G. Prior, resigned.

1880-June 9

Prof. LeClaire ascended 2,000 feet in balloon ending trip in waters near coal wharves.

1880-July 3

Wellington sports brought to a standstill by fire in stable of Wellington Hotel where a shackled prisoner was burnt to death.

1880-July 3

The American freighter Thrasher sunk on reef off Gabriola Island.

1880-Dec. 1

Steamer Grappler ran aground at Nor'west Bay but soon refloated.

1880-Dec. 4

Large public meeting held by residents to discuss Island railway question.

1880-Dec. 21

Harry Jones drowned in Diver Lake, Wellington

1881-Jan. 5

Monthly coal output for B.C. broken at Wellington Colliery which put out 21,000 tons.

1881-Jan. 10

M. Bate, back in field, acclaimed as mayor.

1881-Feb. 6

"Coal Tyhee", [Ki-et-sa-kun], the Indian who discovered coal which made Nanaimo famous, passed away.

1881-Feb. 12

Great fire at Chase River Mine, controlled later in month.

1881-March 19

Branch Lode of A.O.U.W. [Ancient Order of United Workmen] instituted in Nanaimo.

1881-May 10

Rich seam of coal, leading under the harbor from Commercial Inlet, struck by prospectors.

1881-May 21

William Stewart, Nanaimo, appointed Indian Agent for Nanaimo, Cowichan and Comox District.

1881-June 4

Ten-foot seam struck in Wellington shaft.

1881-Sept. 14

Sinking of No. 1 shaft, Esplanade, commenced.

1881-Oct. 5

Two workmen injured at No. 1 shaft when bucket fell 50 feet.

1881-Oct. 15

Population of Vancouver Island 12,700; Vancouver less than 5,000.

1881-Nov. 5

New community hospital on Franklyn Street completed and handed over to managing boards.

1881-Dec. 27

John Frame installed as W.M. [Worshipful Master] of Ashlar Lodge, A. F. and A. M., No. 3.

1882-Jan. 9

Mayor Bate re-elected by acclamation.

1882-Jan. 18.

Construction of E and N under speculation.

1882-Jan. 21

Two-roomed lockup built by convict gang at Departure Bay.

1882-Feb. 1

Buoys in harbour forced out of position by ice.

1882-Feb. 2

Brannan claim, adjoining Dunsmuir interests, bought by American firm.

1882-Feb. 15

Mrs. D. W. Gordon, wife of M.P., passed away.

1882-Feb. 28

553 names recorded on Nanaimo Provincial voting list.

1882-March 8

Princess Royal celebrated return to Nanaimo for first time since first arrival by running aground at Jack's Point.

1882-March 29

Newcastle Mines closed indefinitely.

1882-March 30

Elijah Ganner, pioneer resident, passed away.

1882-April 1

Government franchise to construct Victoria-Nanaimo Railway within two years, granted to Dunsmuir and Diggle.

1882-May 3

Coal prospecting commenced on Westwood estate.

1882-May 4

City shaken by heavy earthquake shocks.

1882-May 6

American firm bought the Harewood Mine.

1882-May 20

Fine seam of coal struck at 40 feet on Westwood estate.

1882-May 21

Shaft No. 2 begun on Esplanade.

1882-May 24

New hospital threatened by bush fire.

1882-May 30

Preparations for laying of new water main begun.

1882-June 4

Coal lands at Cedar purchased by James Harvey.

1882-June 4

Four men injured by gas explosion at Wellington Mine.

1882-June 11

Coal struck at 350 feet at South Wellington.

1882-June 18

South Field coal discovery.

1882-June 21

Steamer Idaho caused extensive damage at Johnston's wharf.

1882-July 26

First water main laid on Commercial Street.

1882-July 26

W. Raybould and R. Dunsmuir elected to Legislature.

1882-Aug. 4

W. Gordon elected as Federal member.

1882-Aug. 31

"The Nanaimo", the first sea-going vessel built in B.C., launched by C. Carpenter on the Millstream.

1882-Sept. 16

John Hirst, pioneer business man, passed away.

1882-Oct. 20

Marquis of Lorne, Governor-General of Canada, visited Nanaimo.

1882-Nov. 8

East Wellington Mine shaft sinking commenced.

1882-Dec. 9

Record depth reached by two mines in district.

1883-Jan. 8

Mayor Bate re-elected by acclamation.

1883-Jan. 20

Rev. J. B. Good, first rector of St. Paul's Church here, again rector, after a lapse of 16 years.

1883-Feb. 3

Nanaimo electors numbered 651.

1883-March 16

Harmony Lodge, I.O.O.F. [International Order of Oddfellows], instituted at Wellington.

1883-April 14

Two inches rain fell during storm.

1883-April 30

No. 1 shaft hoisting engine, "Samuel M. Robins", installed.

1883-May 12

R. Dunsmuir purchased entire interests of Wellington Colliery, Steamship Line and San Francisco real estate from Diggle for $700,000.

1883-Aug. 11

Wellington miners on strike.

1883-Aug. 16

R. Dunsmuir signed contract for construction and maintenance of Island Railway.

1883-Aug. 16

Mr. Mark Bate, Jr., wed to Miss Amelia Planta.

1883-Aug. 25

South Field-Nanaimo railway over Chase River completed.

1883-Sept. 18

Barque Nanaimo sold for $18,000 at auction.

1883-Oct. 10

Marshall Bray, Government Agent, wed to Miss Sarah Randle.

1883-Oct. 26

Coal struck at No. 1 Esplanade at depth of 635 feet.

1883-Nov. 14

Wellington strike ended after three months layoff.

1883-Nov. 15

Sinking of No. 1 shaft completed.

1883-Dec. 15

William McGregor appointed mine manager of Vancouver Coal Company, vice James Beaumont, resigned.

1883-Dec. 15

Workmen commenced driving levels at No. 1 mine.

1883-Dec. 24

Output at No. 1 mine totalled 50 tons.

1884-Jan. 4

Andrew Hunter, pioneer resident, passed away.

1884-Jan. 9

Dominion Public Building, Front Street, completed.

1884-Jan. 14

Mayor Bate re-elected by acclamation.

1884-Jan. 26

Jno. [John] Shaw appointed teacher here.

1884-Feb. 17

Coal struck at No. 2 shaft, Esplanade, 80 yards from No. 1.

1884-Feb. 22

Explosion in No. 1 shaft; Samuel Harris and Joseph Guthro later died of injuries.

1884-April 19

Fine bell installed at Roman Catholic Church.

1884-April 23

Campbell power press installed at Nanaimo Free Press.

1884-April 30

Brickyard opened near Millstream by George Mitchell.

1884-May 7

First spike of E & N Railway driven at Esquimalt.

1884-May 13

M. Manson's warehouse, Wallace street, burned to ground.

1884-June 1

David Hopkins, pioneer, passed away.

1884-June 11

Miss L. Mebius appointed to teaching staff of local schools.

1884-June 25

Steamer Amelia made first call at Nanaimo.

1884-June 30

Explosion at South Wellington; 23 men killed.

1884-July 12

Chinaman killed in No. 4 shaft at Wellington.

1884-July 16

W. McGregor and W. Wall injured in wreck on South Field railway.

1884-July 21

Sammy Eaton, Nanaimo Indian chief, passed away.

1884-July 22

Trail between Harewood Mine and Nanaimo Lakes commenced.

1884-July 30

Construction of new bridges over Millstone and Nanaimo Rivers commenced.

1884-Aug. 2

Street sprinkler used for the first time in Nanaimo.

1884-Aug. 5

Worst thunder and lighting storm in 22 years caused extensive damage.

1884-Aug. 16

Cage plunged 300 feet down No. 4 shaft at Wellington; none injured.

1884-Aug. 20

Chinese Commission arrived in Nanaimo to hear complaints.

1884-Aug. 23

Lumber yard established on Commercial Inlet by Croft and Angus.

1884-Aug. 30

Wonderful 13-foot seam struck at No. 5, Wellington

1884-Aug. 30

Henry Edwards killed in Esplanade shaft.

1884-Sept. 3

Trail from Harewood Mine to Nanaimo Lakes completed.

1884-Sept. 10

B. H. Smith appointed Collector of Customs for Nanaimo.

1884-Sept. 17

Dave Stephenson, policeman, obtained novel 54-inch wheel bicycle.

1884-Sept. 20

White laundry established on Skinner Street by W. Morris.

1884-Sept. 24

Contract for 25 miles of Island Railway, from Nanaimo to Chemainus awarded.

1884-Oct. 4

Nanaimo Equitable Pioneer Society formed.

1884-Oct. 5

Alexandria shaft abandoned because of temporary flood.

1884-Oct. 15

Three injured by gas explosion at South Field Mine.

1884-Oct. 19

Rev. S. Robson held first religious service at Departure Bay.

1884-Nov. 28

William G. Old accidentally killed while hunting in the vicinity of Harewood.

1884-Dec. 29

Royal Order of Temperance Lodge instituted in Nanaimo.

1885-Jan. 3

Great fire at No. 3 and No. 4 shafts, Wellington Collieries; two men lost, mine sealed.

1885-Jan. 15

Mayor Bate re-elected for tenth term by a 75 majority.

1885-Jan. 24

Wellington Mine flooded to stop fire.

1885-Jan. 24

John Dick struck coal at Alexandria bore.

1885-March 30

Eleven earthquakes felt in Nanaimo.

1885-May 6

Defense of Nanaimo mines, in case of war, mooted.

1885-May 25

Nanaimo won baseball match with Wellington, 8-3. Tully, Nanaimo pitcher, supplied feature of game by curving ball to right or left.

1885-July 2

Sixty canoes of Alberni Indians arrived for grand potlatch of Nanaimo chieftain, Quenam, whose daughter was married.

1885-July 29

Samuel Drake appointed sheriff.

1885-Aug. 8

Preparations for E and N railway station at Nanaimo commenced.

1885-Aug. 15

Survey began of 800 acres comprising Newcastle Townsite.

1885-Aug. 28

Unity Encampment No. 3 I.O.O.F. [International Order of Oddfellows], organized at Wellington.

1885-Sept. 21

Steam fire engine tested; hose unable to stand pressure.

1885-Oct. 12

Governor General Lansdowne visited Nanaimo.

1885-Oct. 13

Five Chinamen killed at East Wellington Mine when car ran 250 feet down chute.

1885-Oct. 19

Manson and Co. furniture warehouse, Church street, destroyed by fire.

1885-Nov. 16

James Dick, Nanaimo pioneer, passed away.

1885-Nov. 18

Nanaimo Encampment No. 4, Black Diamond, I.O.O. F. [International Order of Oddfellows], organized.

1885-Nov. 28

Departure Bay Road washed away by exceptionally high tide.

1885-Dec. 11

Council of Order of American Legion of Honor formed here.

1886-Jan. 11

Mark Bate elected for the eleventh term as mayor by 35 majority over R. Gibson.

1886-Jan. 30

New school, between Victoria Road and Nicol street, for high and public school classes, completed.

1886-Feb. 10

Grand Lodge I.O.O.F. [International Order of Oddfellows] convened in Nanaimo for the first time.

1886-Feb. 20

A. Haslam and A. Lees purchased Nanaimo sawmill.

1886-Feb. 25

Rails of Island Railway laid to Nanaimo depot.

1886-Feb. 27

Contract for formation of Nanaimo Gas Works signed.

1886-Feb. 28

Entire population witnessed arrival of No. 1, first locomotive to enter Nanaimo over E and N; Indians in awe exclaiming "okook, hyas tyhee".

1886-March 24

Phil Gable opened Nanaimo Cigar Factory.

1886-April 3

Excellent seam of coal struck at first level of No. 1 mine.

1886-May 20

Second Lodge of A.O.U.W. [Ancient Order of United Workmen] organized in Nanaimo

1886-June 2

Nanaimo Marble Works opened on Front street by A. Henderson.

1886-June 5

W. Gibson, pioneer resident, passed away.

1886-July 7

R. Dunsmuir and W. Raybould elected to Provincial House.

1886-July 28

A. Henderson awarded the contract for building Earl Block.

1886-July 29

Explosion of coal dust on SS Queen of Pacific at coal wharf injured 12 men; eight died of injuries.

1886-Aug. 13

Sir John A. Macdonald, premier of Canada, accompanied by Lady Macdonald, visited Nanaimo; Sir John drove last spike of Island Railway at Shawnigan.

1886-Aug. 14

First through train on Island Railway left Nanaimo for Equimalt at 10:30 am.

1886-Sept. 14

Nanaimo Gas Works started erection of buildings.

1886-Oct. 13

Arrangements made to pipe water from Chase River to Nanaimo.

1886-Oct. 23

Brewery erected at Nanaimo River Bridge; by Preece and James to bring district's total to three

1886-Nov. 19

Dr. Cluness, mine physician, passed away.

1886-Nov. 24

Dr. L. T. Davis appointed mine physician.

1886-Dec. 3

W. Raybould, M.P.P., accidentally killed by fall, at back of the old Oddfellows' building.

1886-Dec. 5

Akenhead's two storey building between long and short bridges, Commercial Street burned to ground.

1887-Jan. 3

George Thomson elected to Provincial House, taking vacancy caused by death of W. Raybould.

1887-Jan. 4

Charles Drummond and Robert Beck drowned when rowboat capsized.

1887-Jan. 5

Nanaimo schools re-opened with 263 pupils attending.

1887-Jan. 6

John Malpass, of Wellington, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1887-Jan. 9

Nanaimo Gas Works opened.

1887-Jan. 12

No. 1 output up to 800 tons daily.

1887-Jan. 13

Richard Gibson elected mayor.

1887-Feb. 7

Occidental Hotel, Fitzwilliam St., opened.

1887-March 7

Branch of Bank of British Columbia opened here.

1887-March 23

D. W. Gordon re-elected to Federal House

1887-April 16

W. Akenhead, city pioneer, passed away.

1887-April 19

T. Harris killed in No. 1.

1887-May 3

Frightful explosion at No. 1; 148 men (96 whites and 52 Chinese) killed.

1887-July 20

No. 1 Mine activities resumed for first time since explosion.

1887-July 27

Work commenced on No. 1 reservoir.

1887-Aug. 6

New fan installed at No. 1 shaft.

1887-Aug. 22

United Order of Honor Branch, Star of the West Lodge, No. 119, instituted.

1887-Aug. 25

Postmaster General Hon. A. W. McLellan and Minister of Justice Hon. J.S. Thompson visited this city.

1887-Aug. 31

Clearing for Court House, Front St., commenced.

1887-Sept. 17

Worked commenced on erection of Globe Hotel, Front St.

1887-Oct. 2

Fire destroyed Pioneer Livery Stable.

1887-Oct. 11

East Wellington second shaft commenced.

1887-Nov. 3

Douglas seam struck by miners in No. 2 shaft, Esplanade.

1887-Dec. 8

Mrs. Mary Van Houten, 1849 arrival from Scotland and first white child on Vancouver Island, passed away.

1887-Dec. 10

J. H. Hawthornthwaite, U.S. Vice-Consul at Nanaimo.

1887-Dec. 29

S. M. Robins officially opened Nanaimo waterworks system.

1888-Jan. 12

Mark Bate elected Mayor with 12 majority in 322 votes over R. Gibson.

1888-Jan. 24

Explosion at No. 5 Wellington; 31 whites and 37 Chinese killed.

1888-Jan. 29

Joseph Westwood, veteran of Waterloo, and pioneer of East Wellington, passed away.

1888-Feb. 13

Strike at East Wellington settled when officials agreed to employ no Chinese underground.

1888-Feb. 15

T. D. Jones struck coal on "West Estate" of V.C. Co. [Vancouver Coal Company]

1888-Feb. 15

Miners on strike at East Wellington because of Company's failure to abide by Chinese agreement.

1888-Feb. 20

Blasting for removal of Nicol Rock from harbor begun.

1888-Feb. 27

East Wellington miners resumed work with no Chinese underground.

1888-March 17

John Hill appointed postmaster at South Cedar.

1888-March 30

William Rich, 1852 arrival, passed away.

1888-April 16

Nanaimo Building Society formed.

1888-May 5

Monument to Samuel Hudson, hero of No. 1 disaster, unveiled at Cemetery.

1888-May 10

Attempt to stage illegal prize fight under gas lamps on Wallace St., stopped by appearance of Constable T. O'Connell.

1888-May 15

Corps of Salvation Army organized here.

1888-May 22

Eighty-foot flag pole, highest in city, erected in front of Nanaimo hotel.

1888-June 2

Building boom experienced in Nanaimo.

1888-June 15

Output of local mines increased to 1,000 tons daily.

1888-May 15

Thomas Wall opened Wellington Hotel.

1888-June 2

Seven per cent dividend declared by Nanaimo Gas Company.

1888-June 29

Miss Margaret Gibson won Governor-General's medal.

1888-June 30

Nanaimo Lodge, No. 4, K. of P. [Knights of Pythias] instituted.

1888-July 25

T. and J. Dobeson prepared Comox Road site for erection of foundry.

1888-Aug. 4

Record output of 40,158 tons of coal in 26 vessels at ports of Nanaimo and Departure Bay.

1888-Aug. 11

No. 2 dam completed.

1888-Aug. 16

Corporation workmen strike because of remarks made at Council meeting.

1888-Aug. 25

Nanaimo Rovers rugby team formed.

1888-Sept. 12

Contract awarded for erection of two-storey brick building on Front St. for Bank of British Columbia, present Elks' Home.

1888-Oct. 6

Nanaimo Rugby team, Rovers, in initial match draw with Victoria, at Capital City. Score one goal and one try each.

1888-Oct. 27

Work began on erection of Palace Hotel, Skinner Street, present Herald Block.

1888-Nov. 7

Bank of British Columbia building completed.

Nov. 15

Nanaimo rugby team defeated Victoria, in return match at Beaven's ranch, by two goals and one try to nil.

1888-Dec. 1

Nanaimo Rovers, proud of success, accepted match with New Westminster.

1888-Dec. 2

New Presbyterian Church opened.

1888-Dec. 4

First issue of Nanaimo Free Press as a daily.

1888-Dec. 12

Sinequar, West Coast Indian, hanged at Nanaimo jail for murder.

1888-Dec. 15

Bank of British Columbia moved to new quarters.

1888-Dec. 20

First issue of Nanaimo Morning Courier appeared.

1888-Dec. 22

George Irvine, defeated William Stokes in 10-mile return road race from Newcastle Hotel to Wellington Hotel. Irvine went the distance in one hour and 10 minutes.

1889-Jan. 2

Wellington miners strike for increase in wages for pillar work.

1889-Jan. 2

Construction of new boat house commenced by Campbell and Foreman.

1889-Jan. 6

Eighteen-round "slugging" match between two youths on Green ended in a draw; editorial comment on brutality of spectators for encouraging such a fight.

1889-Jan. 9

Wellington miners held out for 10 per cent increase.

1889-Jan. 15

Wellington strike settled.

1889-Jan. 15

McGee and McCann, two Nanaimo "sluggers" and 25 supporters left Nanaimo on boat for San Juan Island for boxing match, which went 43 rounds to draw.

1889-Jan. 15

Ex-Ald. Joseph Webb, Princess Royal arrival, passed away in San Francisco.

1889-Jan. 17

Mark Bate won mayoralty race from John Hilbert by eight votes.

1889-Feb. 13

Carpenter's Wharf, Front St., dismantled.

1889-Feb. 14

Arrangements made for construction of present Wilson Hotel Block.

1889-Feb. 23

City residents excited by Texada Island gold stories.

1889-Feb. 27

Methodists decided to build $6,000 structure on Wallace St.

1889-March 2

Steps taken to form cricket clubs in Nanaimo.

1889-March 8

Nanaimo Morning Courier suspended activity; taken over by prominent city men.

1889-March 9

Mainland won first game for Greyhound Cup, donated by Mr. H. Cole, from Island in rugby match at Vancouver.

1889-March 13

W. Stokes defeated G. Irvine in 15-hour "go as you please" race. Stokes covered 77 miles, Irvine 71.

1889-March 16

Plans for erection of Nanaimo Opera House by Ald. John Mahrer, adopted.

1889-March 23

Palace Hotel opened.

1889-March 23

Nanaimo Junior Brass Band organized with Joseph Lowther as leader.

1889-March 27

Nanaimo Rovers beat Comox rugby team, playing in hollow off Albert St.

1889-April 5

Spencer and Perkins opened store on Victoria Crescent.

1889-April 10

Telephone in demand, and lines strung to many business places and residences.

1889-April 12

Hon. R. Dunsmuir, the "coal king", passed away in Victoria.

1889-May 3

G. H. Frost secured contract for erection of new Methodist Church.

1889-May 4

K. of P. Lodge [Knights of Pythias] instituted here.

1889-May 6

Nanaimo Board of Trade formed with A. Haslam chairman.

1889-May 12

Nanaimo Nine Baseball Club formed.

1889-May 13

Railway line between Northfield and Departure Bay surveyed.

1889-May 21

Herbert Green and Harry Lester drowned off Snake Island.

1889-June 4

S. M. Robins laid cornerstone of new Methodist Church.

1889-June 11

First cricket club formed here with S. M. Robins as president.

1889-June 14

A. Haslam elected to Provincial House vice R. Dunsmuir.

1889-June 22

First cricket game played, single men beating married men.

1889-June 26

James Galloway, first Nanaimo High School pupil to win Governor-General's bronze medal.

1889-June 29

Dan McLeod, seconded by J. A. Caldwell, threw W. E. Johnson in straight falls in the first pro appearance, to take a side bet of $500.

1889-July 2

Lawn Tennis club formed.

1889-July 8

Milton St., between Albert St. and Comox Road, opened.

1889-July 17

East Wellington Cricket club formed, with W. S. Chandler as president.

1889-July 18

First Baptist Church organized here.

1889-July 21

Nanaimo cricket team beat Vancouver by five runs.

1889-July 25

Thomas Bradley, pioneer resident, passed away.

1889-July 28

Nanaimo "Bradfords" won baseball match from Gabriola, 29-10.

1889-July 31

Coal seam struck in Northfield shaft.

1889-Aug. 13

Eli Harrison appointed as first resident County Court judge in Nanaimo.

1889-Aug. 22

Dan McLeod won in straight falls from Schumaker for $1,000 side bet.

1889-Aug. 24

East Wellington pithead destroyed by fire.

1889-Sept. 15

Nanaimo Athletic Association Football club formed, with W. McGregor as president.

1889-Sept. 16

Mrs. J. Harvey, 1852 arrival, passed away.

1889-Nov. 5

Governor-General Stanley visited Nanaimo.

1889-Nov. 13

Plans adopted for construction of Crescent Hotel.

1889-Nov. 13

Dan McLeod beat Cameron at Victoria and Nanaimo backers cleaned up $10,000.

1889-Nov. 19

New wing of Windsor Hotel completed.

1889-Dec. 5

Mrs. John Thompson, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1889-Dec. 13

Mr. J. Guffalo, proprietor of Italian Hotel, Haliburton St., opened a bowling alley 60 feet long and eight feet wide.

1890-Jan. 2

W. Hunter appointed principal Nanaimo High School.

1890-Jan. 7

City held banquet for Dan McLeod, presenting him with gold watch and diamond tie pin.

1890-Jan. 12

Wallace Street Methodist Church dedicated.


John Hilbert elected mayor by 126 majority.

1890-Jan. 31

H. Good appointed station agent and operator at Nanaimo.

1890-Feb. 13

E. W. Bickle appointed postmaster at Wellington.

1890-March 13

W. H. Philpott opened New Criterion Restaurant.

1890-March 29

Oddfellows' Building completed.

1890-April 3

Hamilton Powder Company decided to build plant at Northfield.

1890-April 31

Y.M.C.A. formed in city.

1890-May 5

$50,000 loan bylaw for street improvements passed.

1890-May 12

Jack Dempsey, "The Nonpareil", middleweight boxing champion gave three-round demonstration with Paddy Gorman at Opera House.

1890-May 17

Nanaimo and Wellington miners held mass meeting at Wellington.

1890-May 20

Miners at Wellington strike when eight-hour day is refused.

1890-May 21

Inkerman Lodge, Sons of St. George, organized in Nanaimo.

1890-May 26

Miners' demands refused by Wellington operators.

1890-May 30

Thomas Keith elected by acclamation to Provincial House for Nanaimo City.

1890-June 7

J. H. Hawthornthwaite resigned U.S. consulary agency in Nanaimo.

1890-June 13

T. Forster and C. C. McKenzie elected to Provincial House for Nanaimo district by majorities over Dr. Walkem.

1890-June 17

Newcastle Quarry re-opened.

1890-June 30

Mr. A. H. Horne appointed Nanaimo postmaster, vice W. Earl resigned.

1890-July 2

Nanaimo fire hose team won Vancouver tournament.

1890-July 17

K. of P.'s [Knights of Pythias] held Grand Demonstration.

1890-July 18

Chief Constable Stewart re-organized Nanaimo Fife and Drum Band.

1890-July 28

Young and Bickle construct first store at Northfield.

1890-July 30

Plant of Hamilton Powder Co. erected at Northfield.

1890-Aug. 1

Perseverance and Nanaimo Lodges, A.O.U.W. [Ancient Order of United Workmen] amalgamated.

1890-Aug. 4

Prof. W. J. Spears formed Philharmonic Society.

1890-Aug. 5

"C" Battery sent to Wellington, scene of strike.

1890-Sept. 3

New Fire Hall under construction.

1890-Sept. 12

Historic Baston moved to site where it now stands.

1890-Sept. 15

Nanaimo carpenters organized.

1890-Sept. 20

Nanaimoites celebrated Labor Day for first time.

1890-Sept. 29

Union of mechanics and engineers formed.

1890-Oct. 6

Newcastle Quarry shut down.

1890-Oct. 17

Shaft at Protection Island commenced.

1890-Nov. 1

Damon Lodge, No. 8 K. of P. [Knights of Pythias] formed at Northfield

1890-Nov. 14

Nanaimo Brewing Co. commenced construction of new brewery.

1890-Nov. 15

George Stupaisky [Stupayski?] drowned in harbor.

1890-Nov. 19

New school room constructed at St. Paul's Church.

1890-Nov. 19

Sons of England and Benevolent Society instituted.

1890-Nov. 21

Athletic Association opened gymnasium in Oddfellows' building.

1890-Nov. 22

First powder shipped from plant at Northfield.

1890-Nov. 26

James Marshall murdered at Italian Hotel.

1890-Dec. 11

Skating pond made when Ravine dyked.

1890-Dec. 12

Crescent Hotel completed.

1890-Dec. 15

Tide reaches floor of Hirst's wharf.

1890-Dec. 25

David F. Fee, East Wellington merchant, murdered in Victoria.

1891-Jan. 4

Bank of British Columbia established first Bank Savings Department.

1891-Jan. 9

St. Paul's Institute Hall completed.

1891-Jan. 11

Baptist Church formally opened by Rev. M. L. Rugg.

1891-Jan. 12

Mayor J. Hilbert re-elected by acclamation.

1891-Jan. 12

Preliminary work for construction of new Union Brewery commenced.

1891-Jan. 22

Steamers Elton and City of Pueblo collided in harbour.

1891-Feb. 26

D. W. Gordon elected by acclamation to Federal House.

1891-March 9

Fifteen Wellington strikers arrested for intimidation.

1891-March 11

Magistrate J. P. Planta read Riot Act at Wellington.

1891-March 21

Dan Dailey opened barber shop.

1891-March 28

Mines adopted fort-nightly pay.

1891-March 30

Giant Powder explosion, which caused extensive damage but killed no one, occurred on Victoria Road

1891-April 6

All-night telephone service established.

1891-April 10

Hugh Morrow injured in No. 3 shaft.

1891-April 14

Independent Order of Foresters instituted.

1891-April 30

Malaspina Red Granite Quarry Co. incorporated.

1891-May 4

Gas Works bylaw endorsed by voters.

1891-May 19

T. E. Peck, former Collector of Customs in Nanaimo, passed away.

1891-May 22

James Wilcox, prominent citizen, passed away.

1891-June 22

M. Wolfe laid cornerstone of St. Alban's Church, Victoria Road and Nicol Street.

1891-July 3

Nanaimo Glee Club organized.

1891-July 7

Juvenile Cricket Club formed.

1891-July 21

Miriam Rebekah Lodge, No. 3, instituted.

1891-July 22

Lacrosse Club formed.

1891-July 25

Three burned in gas explosion at Wellington shaft.

1891-Aug. 29

Nanaimo's population 4,595.

1891-Sept. 9

Several burned in gas explosion at No. 5 Wellington.

1891-Sept. 18

Tug Estelle launched by Andrew Haslam.

1891-Sept. 30

Nanaimo Electric tramway mooted.

1891-Sept. 30

Nanaimo hose team won championship at Victoria.

1891-Oct. 24

William Sloan wed to Miss Flora Glaholm.

1891-Nov. 7

Football Association formed by local clubs.

1891-Nov. 13

Wellington strike ended.

1891-Nov. 14

Dan McLeod challenged Bob Fitzsimmons, heavyweight boxing champion, to wrestling match, stating he would throw him five times in one hour.

1891-Nov. 23

Electric lights used on Nanaimo streets for the first time.

1891-Nov. 26

D. H. Beckley took over Wenborn Meat Market.

1891-Nov. 30

Thompson & Scoville opened new I.X.L. stables on Chapel Street.

1892-Jan. 9

Coal struck at depth of 651 feet in Protection Shaft.

1892-Jan. 14

Andrew Haslam defeated R. Hilbert in mayoralty race.

1892-Jan. 16

Dr. G. A. B. Hall and J. R. McKenzie elected president and vice-president respectively of football association.

1892-Jan. 22

No. 1 and Protection Island shafts connected.

1892-Jan. 27

Mrs. John Mahrer, prominent citizen, passed away.

1892-April 4

Nanaimo and Union Breweries amalgamated.

1892-April 13

Coal struck in lower levels of Protection shaft.

1892-April 26

King M'Bora, of Baritari Isles [Polynesia], visited city.

1892-May 18

Electric locomotive tried at No. 1 pit.

1892-May 20

Union Brewery made first lager beer in B.C.

1892-May 25

Mrs. A. Haslam formally opened new Nanaimo rifle range at Beaven's ranch.

1892-June 1

Six o'clock closing adopted by merchants.

1892-June 4

Nanaimo Rangers won B.C. Challenge soccer cup from Northfield, 3-2.

1892-June 14

Centennial Lodge, No. 20, I.O.O.F., [International Order of Oddfellows] instituted; E.G. Cavalsky charter member.

1892-June 23

Grand Lodge Masons convened in city.

1892-July 8

Dr. McKechnie elected as Northfield resident doctor.

1892-July 26

Doric Lodge, A.F. and A.M., established.

1892-Aug. 2

First shipment of coal from Protection.

1892-Aug. 30

St. Phillip's Church consecrated.

1892-Sept. 10

Clearing of Wakesiah Park [known as Company Farm] commenced by V. C. Co. [Vancouver Coal Company]

1892-Sept. 28

Murder of John Cavellero at Northfield.

1892-Sept. 29

Peter Sabiston, 1858 arrival, passed away.

1892-Oct. 6

Nanaimo's new pilot ship named D.W. Gordon.

1892-Oct. 10

J. C. Hardy killed in fall from roof of North Ward school.

1892-Oct. 28

Nanaimo Amateur Athletic Club formed.

1892-Oct. 29

Nanaimo Electric Light Works sold at auction for $40 over encumbrances.

1892-Nov. 10

Gun Club organized.

1892-Nov. 14

John Collishaw's home, Five Acres [Harewood], burned to ground.

1892-Dec. 3

C. H. Barker opened law offices.

1892-Dec. 12

Initial meeting of Juvenile Foresters.

1892-Dec. 31

Nanaimo won international soccer match from Seattle, 3-1.

1893-Jan. 12

Mayor A. Haslam re-elected.

1893-Jan. 14

Nanaimo Hornet Rugby Club formed; J. Dixon, captain; J. Neen, vice-captain.

1893-Jan. 16

Taragnello and Sing Kee, murderers, hanged at Nanaimo jail.

1893-Jan. 18

George Bird made first bicycle trip from Alberni to Nanaimo in 13 1/4 hours.

1893-Jan. 18

Town stirred by kidnapping of several sailors from steamer Bawnmore.

1893-Feb. 9

Fifty-two and a half inches of snow fell between Jan. 28 and Feb. 8.

1893-Feb. 19

D. W. Gordon, Federal Member, died at Nanaimo home.

1893-March 14

Mrs. J. Bevilockway, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1893-March 25

Hornets won their first rugby match, defeating Vancouver.

1893-April 19

New Institute Hall opened at Cedar.

1893-April 19

Santos Grocery Store levelled by fire.

1893-May 2

Andrew Haslam elected by acclamation to Federal House.

1893-May 16

Excavation work on Gibson Block commenced.

1893-May 16

Northfield population 928.

1893-May 31

Wilson Hotel interests purchased by Walter Wilson.

1893-June 1

Nanaimo rifle team won provincial honors at Goldstream shoot.

1893-June 8

Gibson Block foundation laid.

1893-June 10

Northfield A.A.C. [Amateur Athletic Club?] opened new cinder track.

1893-July 13

Ben Keddy, Reid Island murderer brought to Nanaimo.

1893-July 18

Cornerstone of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, at corner of Fitzwilliam and Richard Streets laid.

1893-July 20

East Wellington miners went on strike because of 20 per cent reduction in wages.

1893-Aug. 3

East Wellington strike ended.

1893-Aug. 12

Nanaimo defeated by New Westminster in first lacrosse game played here.

1893-Sept. 20

John Foster, Gabriola pioneer, passed away.

1893-Oct. 10

Henry Elliott, steward on S.S. City of Nanaimo, drowned in harbor.

1893-Oct. 30

Hon. A. R. Angers and Hon. George Foster, Federal ministers, visited city.

1893-Nov. 3

Nanaimo branch of Pythian Sisters organized.

1893-Dec. 15

Ald. J. H. Cocking and Geo. Norris formally opened new Fire Hall.

1894-Jan. 2

Alex McKinnon appointed new Chief of City Police.

1894-Jan. 4

Magnus Edgar, 1853 arrival at Gabriola Island, passed away.

1894-Jan. 8

E. Quennell elected mayor by acclamation.

1894-Jan. 20

Nanaimo Hornets won B.C. championship, going whole season without defeat and were only scored against in final fixture.

1894-Jan. 23

Parsonage of Wallace St. Methodist Church completed.

1894-Feb. 8

Branch of Ladies' Loyal Orange Benevolent Association instituted in Nanaimo.

1894-Feb. 11

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church completed.

1894-March 13

Home of Wellington Colliery Superintendent dynamited.

1894-April 10

Nanaimo branch of W. C. T. U. [Women's Christian Temperance Union] organized.

1894-April 12

Commander of H. Booth, son of founder of the Salvation Army, visited Nanaimo.

1894-April 14

Nanaimo Rangers lost B.C. soccer title to Victoria Wanderers.

1894-May 7

Several business houses, including McKenzie's furniture store, Craig's factory, Electric Light Works , wiped out in $65,000 fire.

1894-May 18

Ald. Ralph Craig passed away.

1894-June 2

Tully Boyce nominated as candidate for South Nanaimo.

1894-June 20

Perseverance Lodge, No. 28, I.O.O.F., [International Order of Oddfellows] instituted at Northfield.

1894-June 21

Friendship Lodge, No. 29, I.O.O.F., [International Order of Oddfellows] instituted at Nanaimo.

1894-July 7

James McGregor elected to Provincial House.

1894-Sept. 28

Royal and Nanaimo Hotels, old Fire Hall, Stephenson's store wiped out by fire; Patrick Magee burned to death.

1894-Oct. 6

Nanaimo Agricultural Society held first exhibition.

1894-Oct. 29

William Martin and A. Smith drowned in search for Charles Martin and Dr. Curry.

1894-Nov. 9

Governor-General Lord Aberdeen and Lady Aberdeen visited city.

1894-Nov. 11

Alexander Mayer, 1860 arrival, passed away.

1894-Nov. 12

By-law to fill in Commercial St. passed by electors.

1894-Dec. 13

Legislature voted $25,000 for construction of Nanaimo Court House.

1894-Dec. 21

Arlington Hotel, Nanoose, opened by J. A. Thompson.

1895-Jan. 4

General W. Booth, founder of Salvation Army, arrived in city.

1895-Jan. 17

Ex-Mayor E. Quennell re-elected.

1895-Jan. 25

B. Bologni killed and two others injured in No. 1 shaft.

1895-Feb. 28

Louis Stark found dead at Cedar District.

1895-March 2

Nanaimo Hornets won B.C. rugby title.

1895-March 8

Council voted $25,000 for Tramway Bylaw.

1895-March 16

Nanaimo Rangers won B.C. football title.

1895-March 21

Cedar Lodge, No. 35, I.O.O.F. [International Order of Oddfellows] instituted.

1895-March 30

East Wellington Mines purchased by R. Dunsmuir and Sons.

1895-April 30

Nanaimo entered provincial baseball league.

1895-May 29

Woodmen of the World organized lodge in Nanaimo.

1895-June 2

Thomas Welsby drowned in Mill Stream [Millstone] after fall from E and N trestle.

1895-June 8

Jesse Smith killed by explosion in his cabin at Wellington.

1895-July 5

John Kelly, of Nanaimo, drowned off Seattle excursion boat.

1895-Aug. 29

Residence of Percy Good on Five Acres destroyed by fire.

1895-Sept. 28

Water Works Purchase Bylaw defeated by nine votes.

1895-Nov. 27

Donald Smith, pioneer of the city, passed away.

1896-Jan. 16

Jeff Davison elected mayor with 12 majority over E. Quennell in largest vote, 843, ever polled in city.

1896-Feb. 6

William Bray, one of original workers on Protection Shaft killed; first killed at Protection.

1896-Feb. 29

All interior work on new court house, Front Street completed.

1896-March 6

Nanaimoites started trek to Klondike.

1896-March 11

Dr. McKechnie donated cup to B.C. Rugby Union.

1896-March 24

Mah Sue and team were drowned in Nanaimo river.

1896-April 6

Central School opened.

1896-April 9

Austin Stevenson killed by explosion on Departure Bay road.

1896-May 13

Ship Elwell broke sailing record between Nanaimo and San Francisco.

1896-May 26

Point Ellice Bridge disaster at Victoria.

1896-June 23

W. W. B. McInnes elected to Federal House.

1896-July 18

Pithead and buildings at No. 2 shaft, East Wellington destroyed by fire.

1896-Aug. 25

Capt. J. W. Glaholm invented device for unloading coal from freighters.

1896-Sept. 1

C. H. Barker won prize in rifle shoot in Ottawa.

1896-Oct. 22

East Wellington mines on fire.

1896-Nov. 4

Mrs. H. Smithers drowned at Johnston's Wharf while boarding Princess Louise.

1896-Nov. 20

Tragic death of Marcus Wolfe, esteemed pioneer.

1896-Nov. 21

Federal Minister of Marine and Fisheries, Hon. H. L. Davies visited Nanaimo.

1896-Dec. 12

Home of C. S. Bryden on Haliburton St. razed by fire.

Dec. 19

Federal Minister of Railways, Hon. A. G. Blair visited Nanaimo.

1896-Dec. 31

Output of coal at local collieries for year totaled 845,269 tons.

1897-Jan. 14

Mayor Davison re-elected.

1897-Feb. 12

Frank Rowbottom, proprietor of Union Bakery, died.

1897-Feb. 13

Nanaimo Hornets won B.C. championship

1897-Feb. 15

Youth killed when tree fell across Zella [Zelli?] home.

1897-April 7

City Police inquiry opened.

1897-April 21

Tar Flats won junior soccer championship.

1897-April 21

Nanaimo smelter proposition discussed at public meeting.

1897-April 30

Nanaimo Yacht Club was formed, Capt. Locke first commodore.

1897-May 4

Mrs. M. Bate, resident for 38 years, passed away.

1897-June 17

Charles Paul killed in Protection Mine.

1897-July 5

Home of R. Pollock, Robson Street, destroyed by fire.

1897-July 12

Great celebration by Orangemen.

1897-July 18

William Sloan and John Wilkinson returned from Klondike, former with $85,000.

1897-July 20

Nanaimoites smitten by gold bug.

1897-Aug. 14

Mrs. Fanny Westwood, a pioneer resident, passed away.

1897-Aug. 23

Three Nanaimoites drown in Alaskan waters.

1897-Sept. 7

Sinc Swanson won five-mile pro bike championship; C. H. Barker one mile pro championship; W. Hunter one and five mile amateur titles; Theo. Bryant one-half mile amateur title.

1897-Sept. 16

No. 4 mine, at Wellington on fire.

1897-Oct. 9

Old Courthouse converted into headquarters for Nanaimo A. C. [Athletic Club]

1897-Oct. 26

Dan McLeod brought fame to city by defeating Farmer Burns, and winning world's wrestling championship.

1897-Dec. 15

Hamilton Powder Co. made first shipment at Departure Bay.

1898-Jan. 10

M. Bate elected to mayoralty by acclamation.

1898-March 11

A. E. Booth appointed operator at C.P.R. telegraph here with inauguration of night service.

1898-April 11

Joseph Lawless, member of Nanaimo's first pioneer band, died.

1898-April 30

Nanaimo Thistles lost out in final for B.C. intermediate soccer championship.

1898-June 17

Wages of miners raised 10 per cent at Wellington and strike ended.

1898-July 9

Dr. McKechnie elected to Legislature.

1898-July 11

James Michaelson drowned in Departure Bay.

1898-July 17

Alligator caught at Protection Island by tourists.

1898-Aug. 15

James Reid, pioneer, passed away.

1898-Aug. 17

Ald. Richard Nightingale killed when train went through bridge near Courtenay.

1898-Sept. 11

Home of Thomas Haggart, Wellington, sank into old colliery workings.

1898-Sept. 28

Prohibition voted down here by 93 majority.

1898-Oct. 3

White Rose Lodge No. 121, Daughters of St. George, formed at Wellington.

1898-Oct. 8

Angus McLeod killed in Protection Mine.

1898-Nov. 12

Manager W. McGregor, J. Price, H. Shepherd, G. Lee, P. Hygh, D. Ferguson, F.Hurst, and E. Edmunds severely burned by gas at No. 1; Lee and McGregor later died.

1898-Dec. 12

Thomas Russell appointed mine manager.

1898-Dec. 23

Winfield Crescent scene of big cave endangering buildings.

1899-Jan. 9

M. Bate and Council elected by acclamation.

1899-Feb. 27

Work ceased at Alexandria Mine.

1899-April 16

F. O. E. [Fraternal Order of Eagles] Nanaimo Aerie, formed.

1899-May 14

A.O.F. [Ancient Order of Foresters] Court General Kitchener instituted here.

1899-June 6

Thomas W. Glaholm, pioneer resident, passed away.

1899-June 16

W. Parkin, pioneer, passed away at Comox.

1899-July 15

John Wilson, pioneer resident, passed away.

1899-July 22

Nanaimo Herald made its first appearance as a semi-weekly.

1899-Aug. 5

Mrs. Elizabeth Gough, a Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1899-Aug. 7

Benjamin Greenway killed at No. 5 Wellington.

1899-Aug. 10

Mrs. Alex Galloway, pioneer resident, passed away.

1899-Aug. 15

C. C. McKenzie, former M.L.A. and prominent resident passed away.

1899-Aug. 22

John Biggs, a Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1899-Oct. 11

David McNiven killed in No. 1 mine.

1899-Oct. 13

Nicholas Milburn killed in Protection mine.

1899-Nov. 29

Coal struck in Protection shaft.

1899-Dec. 15

Fire destroyed home of R. J. Wenborn, Wallace Street.

1900-Jan. 8

Mayor Bate and council elected by acclamation.

1900-Feb. 2

Alexander Dunsmuir, first white child born in Nanaimo, passed away in New York city.

1900-Feb. 11

Richard Kenyon, William Zelle and John Cordell drowned in Nanaimo River.

1900-March 1

Town jubilant over General Butler's relief of Ladysmith, South Africa.

1900-March 3

Post No. 3 Native Sons, organized.

1900-April 5

New V.C. [Vancouver Coal] Co. purchased first ambulance on coast north of Portland.

1900-May 5

New Chemainus Hospital opened.

1900-May 7

Arbitration Board decided Nanaimo should pay $112,000 for water works system.

1900-May 18

Relief of Mafeking celebrated by residents. [Boer War]

1900-June 9

Ralph Smith elected to the Legislature.

1900-June 13

Empire Brewery burned.

1900-June 18

W. J. Ritchie rescued child as home of Daniel Martin, Townsite, burned.

1900-Aug. 1

Burns Society formed.

1900-Aug. 15

Nanaimo Rifle Club won second place in Canadian Rifle Association shoot.

1900-Aug. 16

Constable Dave Stephenson transferred from Wellington to Ladysmith.

1900-Aug. 28

Premier [James] Dunsmuir and parliament members visited city.

1900-Aug. 30

Lord and Lady Minto paid official visit to city.

1900-Sept. 29

Operations resumed at Nanaimo Shoe Factory.

1900-Nov. 8

Ralph Smith elected to the Federal House.

1900-Dec. 24

Joseph Randle, prominent pioneer, passed away.

1901-Jan. 7

Western Star Lodge, No. 1676, L.O.L. formed at Extension.

1901-Jan. 7

William Manson Jr., elected Mayor.

1901-Jan. 31

James Hall killed in Extension mine accident.

1901-Feb. 15

Sixty men entombed in explosion at No. 6 shaft, Cumberland.

1901-Feb. 18

J. H. Hawthornthwaite elected to provincial house.

1901-May 17

Lodge of Canadian Order of Foresters instituted here.

1901-June 19

Water Works Co. sold water system to city.

1901-July 17

Departure Bay gold quartz claims staked.

1901-July 20

E. Harrison killed in Protection mine.

1901-July 30

Strike at Extension mine settled.

1901-Aug. 9

Adam G. Horne, Nanaimo's greatest pioneer, passed away.

1901-Sept. 30

Fire at No. 2 mine, Extension, killed 17 men.

1901-Oct. 2

Railroad to Harewood mine completed.

1901-Nov. 25

Miners went on strike at South Wellington.

1901-Nov. 29

Deputy Minister of Labour W. L. Mackenzie King settled South Wellington strike.

1901-Dec. 12

Telephone communication to Victoria established.

1902-Jan. 6

George Norris, founder of Nanaimo Free Press and one of the city's most esteemed residents, passed away.

1902-Jan. 16

Mayor Manson re-elected.

1902-Feb. 26

Bodies of victims in Extension mine disaster recovered.

1902-March 11

City Council decided to test out asphalt sidewalks.

1902-March 25

City's first concrete side walk laid in front of Bank of Commerce Building.

1902-April 17

Pilot John Sabiston died.

1902-July 2

Record between Nanaimo and San Francisco broken by Steamer Titania.

1902-July 11

Body of John Williams, expressman, recovered in harbor.

1902-Oct. 3

Sole ownership of Wellington Collieries and E and N Railway taken over by J. Dunsmuir.

1902-Nov. 8

Albert Cornfield killed in No. 1 mine.

1902-Nov. 26

Mat Stobbart and Isaac Greenwell drowned on tide flats off Nanaimo River.

1902-Dec. 14

Frank Kennedy (Frank Gotch) thrown in wrestling match at Opera House by Tom Davies.

1902-Dec. 15

Parker Williams defeated in Wellington provincial by-election by Hon. W. W. B. McInnes.

1902-Dec. 17

John Pawson, pioneer resident, passed away.

1902-Dec. 18

Western Fuel Co., San Francisco, bought Nanaimo Collieries from Vancouver Coal Co.

1902-Dec. 20

Ralph Smith resigned as secretary of Nanaimo Miners Union.

1903-Jan. 14

James Fulford and George Simonettie killed in explosion at the Northfield Powder Works.

1903-Jan. 15

Mayor Manson re-elected.

1903-Feb. 7

Explosion of dynamite at Extension killed Walter McAlpine.

1903-Feb. 25

Agreement on safety lamp allowance and tonnage rates reached by employees and officials of Nanaimo mines.

1903-Feb. 28

Samuel Robins, retiring superintendent of V.C. Co., feted by employees and officials.

1903-March 12

Miners at Extension refused to work until reinstatement of officers of local union.

1903-March 16

Ladysmith miners organized; mines closed down.

1903-April 21

Fight to the finish with Dunsmuir interest declared by Western Federation of Miners.

1903-May 12

John Lawson killed in No. 1 mine.

1903-May 20

Labor conditions in district investigated by Dominion Labor Commission, with Mackenzie King, which visited Nanaimo.

1903-May 24

Richard Christmas killed in shooting accident.

1903-June 18

Newcastle Quarry purchased by Mr. Emery, of San Francisco.

1903-July 2

Extension strike called off by Ladysmith miners.

1903-July 15

Explosion at No. 6, Cumberland, killed 15 Chinese.

1903-Aug. 16

Two Japanese murdered at Cedar District.

1903-Aug. 20

Cumberland strike called off when miners accepted company's terms.

1903-Oct. 3

J. H. Hawthornthwaite is elected to Legislature.

1903-Oct. 28

Maida found guilty of murder of two Japanese.

1903-Dec. 5

Fire destroyed Jervis fish curing plant.

1903-Dec. 26

Joseph Ganner, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1903-Dec. 28

Mrs. Joseph Ganner, pioneer resident, passed away.

1904-Jan. 1

John Pawson Ward at Nanaimo Hospital dedicated.

1904-Jan. 14

Mayor W. Manson, Jr., re-elected in race with Ald. A. E. Planta.

1904-May 13

Fire destroyed Nanaimo sawmill, causing loss of $70,000.

1904-May 18

Chief Provincial Constable William Stewart passed away.

1904-May 21

Coal struck in No. 4 shaft, Northfield.

1904-May 28

Dan McLeod unable to throw Bob Swanson five times in an hour.

1904-May 29

Fire destroyed pithead at No. 1 mine.

1904-June 11

Crown grants for lands known as Settlers' Rights received by D. Hoggan and J. McGregor.

1904-June 21

Officials closed Harewood mine.

1904-July 2

Nanaimo sawmill re-opened.

1904-July 8

Nanaimo River yielded body of F. Fields.

1904-July 12

Thomas Stockett appointed manager of local collieries.

1904-Aug. 17

Number of houses and Walls' old hotel at Northfield destroyed by fire.

1904-Aug. 18

James Haddow killed in Extension mine.

1904-Sept. 6

Permission sought by City of Nanaimo from Government to secure water from Long Lake at Wellington.

1904-Sept. 24

Opening of new pithead at No. 1 celebrated by great barbecue on Green.

1904-Sept. 26

Descent of No. 1 mine for first time since fire made by miners.

1904-Nov. 4

Voters elected Ralph Smith to Federal Legislature.

1904-Nov. 14

James J. Jeffries, heavy weight champion of the world, appeared at the Nanaimo Opera House.

1904-Nov. 26

J. P. Planta, prominent pioneer and city official, passed away.

1904-Dec. 10

Mine Workers Union organized in this city.

1905-Jan. 6

Resignation of entire police force.

1905-Jan. 11

Mary Jane Jones and Gwennie Rogers, two young children, lost in woods near Southfield swamp.

1905-Jan. 12

A. E. Planta elected mayor.

1905-Jan. 18

Steam yacht, Kootenay, purchased by Capt. A. F. Yates.

1905-Feb. 1

Fire destroyed Japanese canneries at Departure Bay.

1905-Feb. 13

Walter Hunter, esteemed principal of Nanaimo High School passed away.

1905-Feb. 15

C.P.R. purchased E & N Railway.

1905-Feb. 17

B.C. Telephone Co. took over local telephone company.

1905-Feb. 17

Resignations of Nanaimo police force withdrawn.

1905-March 14

Torpedo boat purchased by local fisheries company.

1905-March 28

New Custom House completed.

1905-June 8

Nanaimo miners on strike.

1905-June 17

Miners refused to accept company's offer of one dollar per month for transportation to Protection.

1905-June 20

Fire destroyed home of Richard Gibson, pioneer.

1905-July 24

William Manson defeated Hugh Aitken in Legislature elections at Alberni.

1905-July 31

Miners tendered applications to re-open Brechin mine.

1905-Aug. 18

W. H. Morton installed new heating apparatus at Nanaimo Hospital.

1905-Sept. 26

Rolling clock invented for Dominion Fair at New Westminster by Joseph M. Brown, local watchmaker.

1905-Nov. 2

Mrs. Hosannah Wall [?], pioneer resident, passed away.

1905-Nov. 7

Haslam's sawmill purchased for $72,450 by Ladysmith Lumber Company.

1905-Dec. 12

J. H. McMillan, popular resident, passed away.

1906-Jan. 2

Cledi Hills, of Nanaimo, fatally injured on U.S. battleship.

1906-Jan. 6

Hospital officials decided in favor of nurses' training school.

1906-Jan. 15

Mayor A. E. Planta re-elected by acclamation.

1906-Jan. 29

William Hunter, oldest living native son of B.C., and first white child born on Vancouver Island passed away.

1906-Feb. 12

New Brechin Methodist Church opened.

1906-March 5

Operations commenced at South Wellington sawmill.

1906-March 10

Capt. Mikkleson, Artic explorer, visited Nanaimo.

1906-March 26

Body of James Haslam, local resident, found on beach near Qualicum.

1906-April 4

Mrs. J. P. Planta passed away.

1906-May 5

Thomas O'Connell appointed special Indian officer.

1906-May 8

Cowie machine, new gasoline engine, invented by John Cowie.

1906-May 15

Erection of Biological Station at Departure Bay commenced.

1906-June 16

Local fishery patrol secured steamer North.

1906-June 19

Move to decrease number of aldermen from nine to six defeated by Council.

1906-June 30

Haslam residence, Wallace Street, sold by auction.

1906-July 6

E & N bridge over Millstream [Millstone] repaired prior to filling in.

1906-July 8

W. F. Co.[Western Fuel] sold Athletic Club building to members.

1906-July 14

City sweltered under greatest temperature ever recorded, 92 degrees.

1906-July 21

Mary Jane Dalton murdered at South Wellington.

1906-Aug. 6

Cornerstone of old St. Paul's Church opened when building torn down.

1906-Aug. 15

James Tunstall in No. 1 mine.

1906-Aug. 29

Dave Stephenson appointed as Chief of local Provincial Police.

1906-Sept. 17

Underwriters raised Nanaimo insurance rates 20 per cent.

1906-Sept. 26

Cornerstone of new St. Paul's Church laid.

1906-Sept. 27

Governor-General Earl Grey visited city.

1906-Oct. 3

Nanaimo rocked by earthquake.

1906-Oct. 12

Property of Nanaimo Lumber Company sold to Winnipeg interests.

1906-Oct. 17

Nanaimo Fisheries sold to Bell Irving Fisheries, of Vancouver.

1906-Oct. 24

Featherstone found guilty of murdering Mary Jane Dalton.

1906-Oct. 28

William K. Keighton, prominent pioneer Nanaimo business man, passed away.

1906-Nov. 22

Option on Cedar District coal lands secured by A. C. Flummerfelt.

1906-Dec. 8

Nanaimo branch of Patterson Shoe Company sold to E. Kermode.

1906-Dec. 12

Featherstone, murderer of Mary Jane Dalton, hanged at Victoria.

1906-Dec. 24

Morgan Harris, pioneer resident, passed away.

1907-Jan. 17

Mayor A. E. Planta re-elected by acclamation.

1907-Jan. 19

Western Fuel employees receive 10 p.c. increase in wages.

1907-Feb. 1

J. H. Hawthornthwaite elected to Legislature.

1907-Feb. 18

W. Nicholas killed in S. Wellington mine.

1907-March 2

George A. Fletcher and Dr. Hogle bought Oldsmobile cars, first autos owned in city.

1907-March 8

Livery stable opened on Wallace Street by Akenhead and Bennett.

1907-April 6

Steamer Midge bought by Ladysmith Lumber Co.

1907-May 9

Fire destroyed St. Phillips Church, Cedar.

1907-May 18

Sum for Departure Bay Biological Station appropriated by Federal Government.

1907-May 20

Binoculars presented to J. M. Greenshields, James Noury, John Barber and Thomas Wilson for heroic life saving.

1907-July 9

Whaling station opened at Lagoon.

1907-July 15

Nanaimo Cafe opened.

July 29

Sawmill to supply mines with timber opened at Harewood by W. F. Co.[Western Fuel Company]

1907-Aug. 5

James Kier Hardy, British labor leader, visited Nanaimo.

1907-Aug. 14

Work commenced on Alberni railroad.

1907-Aug. 14

Thomas Budge, of Wellington, scaled Mt. Arrowsmith and proved that Theodore Bryant and Ben McKenzie, first white men known to have accomplished the feat, had attained the highest peak in 1904.

1907-Aug. 29

West Wellington Collieries bought by British interests.

1907-Sept. 14

Work completed on new Convent building, Wallace street.

1907-Sept. 21

Record made at No. 1 mine when 1771 coal cars hoisted.

1907-Sept. 28

W. H. Philpott purchased Nanaimo Cafe.

1907-Oct. 15

St. Cecelia Ward opened in hospital by Macabees.

1907-Nov. 6

Hoisting record of 1565 tons made at No. 1 mine.

1907-Dec. 16

Voters approved $755,000 Waterworks Loan Bylaw.

1907-Dec. 23

Explosion at powder plant caused $20,000 damage and demolished buildings.

1908-Jan. 17

Mayor Planta re-elected.

1908-Jan. 19

Nanaimo Brewery sold to Winehurst Brewing Co., Portland.

1908-Jan. 20

Jno. Shaw appointed Internal Revenue officer.

1908-Feb. 27

Unemployed addressed by Mayor Planta.

1908-March 4

Relief work for unemployed given by City Council.

1908-May 15

Provincial soccer title is won by Nanaimo United.

1908-June 22

South Forks pipe line started.

1908-July 13

St. Henrietta ran aground on Protection Island.

1908-Sept. 5

Stevens Hotel [Temperance], Bastion St., opened.

1908-Oct. 26

Steamer Iroquois sank in waters off Jack Point.

1908-Oct. 27

Ralph Smith elected to Provincial Legislature.

1908-Nov. 6

Steamer Quessant, largest of its type ever to enter Nanaimo harbor, took cargo of coal.

1908-Dec. 25

William Samesett, Indian lost while hunting in Nanoose woods.

1909-Jan. 2

Thomas Hodgson won mayoralty race from A. E. Planta.

1909-Jan. 5

William Johns disappeared while hunting at Nanoose.

1909-Jan. 30

Pacific Coast soccer championship won by Nanaimo United.

1909-March 22

Remains of William Samasett found at Nanoose.

1909-April 12

Corner of Bastion and Commercial streets scene of big cave in.

1909-July 18

Rod Standen defeated Lauder in boxing bout at Athletic Club.

1909-July 23

March defeated Rowan in 12 mile foot race on Cricket Field.

1909-Aug. 24

James Dowd (Mickey Dillon), noted character in Nanaimo, passed away.

1909-Sept. 14

Murder of Gus Carlson

1909-Oct. 2

South Forks pipe line opened.

1909-Oct. 5

Twenty-five miners killed in Extension mine explosion.

1909-Nov. 26

J. H. Hawthornthwaite returned in Provincial elections.

1910-Jan. 8

C. Rumming, of Rumming's Bottling Works, killed when a team of horses bolted.

1910-Jan. 11

A. E. Planta captured the mayoralty race.

1910-March 4

A. R. Johnston's wharf purchased by C.P.R.

1910-March 28

Fire destroyed two big canneries near Brechin.

1910-May 19

Five men killed in terrific explosion at Departure Bay Powder Works.

1910-June 25

City sewer laying contract awarded.

1910-July 12

St. Ann's Convent and Catholic Church destroyed by fire.

1910-July 21

Fire destroyed three Departure Bay canneries.

1910-Sept. 23

Fire again destroyed rebuilt canneries at Departure Bay.

1910-Nov. 1

Work at No. 1 Mine ceased for four days on account of fire.

1910-Nov. 9

Initial train service to Cameron Lake inaugurated.

1910-Nov. 10

Construction of W. F. Co. dam and No. 1 reservoir commenced.

1910-Dec. 2

Jesse Sage, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1910-Dec. 10

Remains of William Johns found in woods at rear of Arlington Hotel.

1910-Dec. 30

A. R. Johnston, pioneer resident and merchant, passed away.

1911-Jan. 7

Sinking of Reserve Shaft commenced.

1911-Jan. 12

Mayor Planta re-elected.

1911-March 1

Fire destroyed Cedar Institute Hall.

1911-March 14

First trip of Nanaimo-Comox-Vancouver passenger service inaugurated by Princess Mary, C.P.R. steamer.

1911-March 20

Ten per cent raise given city workmen.

1911-April 1

Mowat brothers purchased Nanaimo Herald.

1911-April 5

John Jones fatally injured when powder magazine at Protection Mine exploded.

1911-April 10

Twenty lives lost when steamer Iroquois was wrecked near Sidney.

1911-April 12

Charles Gullion, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1911-June 17

Edward Lim drowned in Nanaimo River.

1911-June 25

James Quennell drowned in Quennell Lake.

1911-July 8

Fire destroyed part of Ladysmith Lumber Co.'s mill.

1911-Sept. 21

F. H. Shepherd elected to Federal House, defeating Ralph Smith.

1911-Oct. 9

SS. Princess Patricia purchased by C. P. R. for Vancouver-Nanaimo run.

1911-Oct. 25

Northfield Powder Works explosion.

1911-Nov. 2

Nanaimo Board of Trade re-organized.

1911-Dec. 22

Explosion at Departure Bay Powder Works killed Walter Day, T.E. Wilcox and Joseph Defries.

1912-Jan. 5

Roads on Five Acre lots named by W. F. Co. [Western Fuel Company]

1912-Jan. 6

Mrs. Medrick sold Wilson Hotel to Bolster and Garrickson.

1912-Jan. 10

Dewdrop Hotel bought by George Slater.

1912-Jan. 11

John Shaw elected mayor with 22 majority over A. E. Planta.

1912-Jan. 22

John Ross killed in Extension mine.

1912-Jan. 26

British interests offered $4,500,000 for W. F. Co.

1912-Feb. 26

Frank Stubbs killed in car accident on Comox Road.

1912-March 21

Ladysmith razed by fire.

1912-March 21

Arthur Van Hule fatally injured at Nanaimo Laundry.

1912-March 28

John Place elected to legislature with 43 majority over A. E. Planta.

1912-April 10

W. A. Wilson, superintendent to Departure Bay Powder Works, killed by explosion.

1912-April 15

Nanaimo in throes of real estate boom.

1912-April 23

Ladysmith Signal ceased publication.

1912-April 26

Edward Quennell, pioneer resident, passed away.

1912-April 27

Sheriff S. Drake passed away.

1912-May 1

Labour demonstration on Cricket Grounds.

1912-May 4

H. Wright, of Mudge Island, drowned when his launch collided with the Elsie Bradford.

1912-May 9

Chief of Police Crossan retired.

1912-May 9

Vendome Hotel sold to R. Scott for $45,000.

1912-May 11

Inaugural trip of S.S. Princess Patricia from Vancouver.

1912-May 16

Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners formed.

1912-May 20

H. and W. Market purchased by P. Burns Company.

1912-June 5

Jacob Neen appointed Chief of Police, vice J. Crossan resigned.

1912-June 22

Boiler explosion at Union Brewery killed Albert Randle.

1912-July 16

Japanese cannery on Newcastle Island destroyed by fire.

1912-Aug. 9

Marshall Bray, pioneer resident, passed away.

1912-Aug. 19

Building permits for July totaled $89,000.

1912-Aug. 22

Rev. G. W. Taylor, curator of Biological Station, passed away.

1912-Sept. 3

John Mahrer, ex-alderman and one of the city's pioneer business men, passed away.

1912-Sept. 2

F. J. Rogers, well-known resident, passed away.

1912-Sept. 13

Brumpton Block completed.

1912-Sept. 18

Cumberland mines on strike; first strike in the coal situation which later developed on the Island.

1912-Sept. 27

Duke and Duchess of Connaught visited city.

1912-Oct. 1

E. W. Harding jewelry store robbed of large amount.

1912-Oct. 6

Initial miner's meeting in Nanaimo.

1912-Oct. 26

Samuel Jones procured Crescent Hotel.

1912-Dec. 20

Morden miners went on strike for $4.50 per day.

1913-Jan. 1

"Great Frank" Post Office clock, set in motion by J. M. Brown.

1913-Jan. 15

Steamer Oscar blown up by Protection Island.

1913-Jan. 16

Mayor Jno. Shaw re-elected.

1913-March 24

Mrs. J. Hilbert, pioneer resident, passed away.

1913-March 24

Robert Adam, elected president of B.C.F. A.

1913-April 29

Twelve-foot seam of coal struck at Reserve.

1913-May 1

Labor troubles caused closing of local mines.

1913-June 9

Addition to Windsor Hotel gutted by fire.

1913-June 16

World's largest submarine telephone cable laid between Nanaimo and Vancouver.

1913-June 26

W. Hilbert, pioneer resident, passed away in Vancouver.

1913-July 20

Explosion occurred at Canadian Explosives plant, Northfield

1913-Aug. 11

Miners displayed first force since strike began.

1913-Aug. 17

Militia called to quell Nanaimo strikers.

1913-Aug. 19

One hundred Nanaimo and district striking miners arrested on various charges.

1913-Aug. 19

Jingle Pot mine re-opened.

1913-Aug. 23

Fatal collision between logging and work trains at McBride's junction.

1913-Aug. 28

Henry Wagner hanged at Nanaimo jail for Union Bay murder.

1913-Sept. 8

Nanaimo mines re-opened after labor troubles.

1913-Sept. 22

Equipment approved by voters in passing Auto Fire Equipment By-law, arrived.

1913-Nov. 11

W. H. Hopkins, pioneer Nanaimo printer, passed away at Duncan.

1913-Nov. 22

Louis A. McQuade passed away at Departure Bay.

1914-Jan. 15

A. E. Planta elected mayor in civic election.

1914-Jan. 15

Jack Black bought Newcastle Hotel.

1914-Jan. 28

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Spoores drowned at Departure Bay.

1914-Feb. 3

Initial performance held at Bijou Theatre.

1914-March 12

W. A. Owen appointed city engineer.

1914-March 16

J. S. Dunn, of Toronto, appointed as butter maker at Nanaimo creamery.

1914-March 29

Island soccer title won by Nanaimo United.

1914-April 2

Ten thousand dollar fire at Victoria Crescent.

1914-April 2

R. Wilkinson fatally injured on Jingle Pot wharf.

1914-April 6

South Gabriola community hall completed.

1914-April 13

City's new "Gamewell" fire alarm system tested.

1914-April 24

James Abram, former M.L. A. and Nanaimo pioneer, passed away at Cumberland.

1914-May 11

Nanaimo United lost People's Shield to Northfield.

1914-May 19

Nanaimo's population estimated as 11,000.

1914-June 18

Sidney Isherwood drowned at Echo Bay.

1914-July 14

Mill of Ladysmith Lumber Co. razed by fire.

1914-July 16

George Williams, pioneer business man, passed away.

1914-July 27

T. Dobeson, owner of Nanaimo Foundry, passed away.

1914-Aug. 4

Residents demonstrated when news of outbreak of Great War arrived.

1914-Aug. 7

Nanaimo Militia Unit formed.

1914-Aug. 9

Nanaimo contingent of K. Cavalsky, Brownlee, R. Beckley, H. Brown, A. Brown, P. Brown, Arch. Brown, A. Davidson, G. Davidson, O. Peto, Lionel Beever-Potts, C. Stevens, J. Whitehead, H.E. Hickling, H. Greaves, Mesher

1914-Aug. 11

South Wellington devastated by forest fire.

1914-Aug. 21

L. Potts, H. Greaves, Keighley, R. Brown, H. E. Hickling, Waddington and D. Cocker left for Valcartier Camp.

1914-Aug. 27

J. McIntosh and R. Munro killed in Protection mine.

1914-Sept. 3

John Thompson, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1914-Sept. 22

Austrian war prisoners locked in Nanaimo jail.

1914-Nov. 3

Nanaimo Militia order to Willows Camp.

1914-Dec. 4

Relief work for unemployed; three days at three dollars a day.

1915-Jan. 15

A. E. Planta re-elected mayor.

1915-Feb. 8

Nanaimo members of 30th Battalion embarked for front.

1915-Feb. 9

Water broke through South Field Mine to South Wellington mine and 21 miners lost lives.

1915-Feb. 19

Court Pride of South Wellington , No. 9218, A. O. F. [Ancient Order of Foresters] formed.

1915-Feb. 22

Mrs. Dan G. Dailey, who was born in Nanaimo in 1862, passed away; she was the daughter of Jesse Sage.

1915-Feb. 23

Lubbock Square mooted as City Hall site.

1915-April 1

Phil "Nifty" Piper joined Victoria baseball club of Northwestern League.

1915-April 19

James Crossan, former chief of police and ex-alderman, passed away.

1915-April 26

Submarine H. M. S. Shearwater visited harbor.

1915-April 30

Manager Foy's body re-covered from flooded South Wellington colliery.

1915-May 9

Mrs. George Thomson passed away,

1915-May 19

Last body recovered from South Wellington mine.

1915-May 27

Nineteen killed in Reserve mine explosion.

1915-July 22

Mrs. W. Akenhead, 1870 arrival in Nanaimo, passed away.

1915-Dec. 11

Lieut. Lionel Potts, of South Wales Borderers, received Military Medal for valor.

1915-Dec. 11

Enlistment for Nanaimo Miners' Company opened. [4th Tunnelling, Canadian Engineers]

1916-Jan. 12

F. A. Busby elected to mayorality for his initial term.

1916-June 30

William Sloan nominated as Liberal candidate for provincial election.

1916-July 1

Henry Botley, Nanaimo resident, passed away.

1916-July 15

A. E. Planta nominated as Conservative candidate for provincial election.

1916-July 17

City Council appointed C. H. Beevor-Potts as city magistrate.

1916-July 21

Entire business section of Courtenay gutted by fire.

1916-Aug. 18

Mrs. George Bevilockway, 1860 arrival in Nanaimo, passed away.

1916-Sept. 2

Conscription Act enforced in Nanaimo.

1916-Sept. 14

William Sloan elected to Provincial House by large majority over A. E. Planta and H. Skinner.

1916-Sept. 30

Steel span bridge erected over Millstream.

1916-Oct. 14

George Sage, who was born on the Princess Royal while it was rounding the Horn in 1854 passed away.

1916-Oct. 31

Dave Stephenson, Chief of Provincial Police, at Nanaimo, retired at his own request.

1916-Nov. 1

B. H. Smith, former Collector of Customs, passed away.

1916-Nov. 20

Nanaimo's Forestry Battalion for overseas.

1917-Jan. 11

H. McKenzie elected mayor.

1917-Jan. 11

Nanaimo electors voted in favor of Wednesday half-holiday.

1917-Jan. 18

Nanaimo Lodge No. 26 B. P. O. E. [Benevolent Purple Order of Elks] instituted.

1917-Feb. 12

Ralph Smith, former Nanaimo member, passed away in Victoria.

1917-Mar. 14

Rev. Dr. Unsworth inducted as minister of St. Andrew's Church.

1917-April 3

T. I. Buckle, pioneer city tailor, passed away.

1917-May 25

Jeremiah Harris, Nanoose pioneer, passed away.

1917-June 20

John Hunt appointed general superintendent of W. F. Co. by G. W. Bowen, new general manager who took the place of T. Stockett.

1917-Aug. 2

Gordon Sloan enlisted in Royal Flying Corps.

1917-Aug. 28

Ray Collishaw, Flight Commander of the 10th Divisional Corps, R.F.C., returned to France after visit home; had 37 planes to his credit at the time.

1917-Aug. 30

Brick Co.'s plant at East Wellington destroyed by bush fire.

1917-Oct. 6

Jingle Pot mine closed to smother serious fire.

1917-Oct. 8

Elk's Lodge moved to new home on Front Street.

1917-Nov. 15

G. S. Pearson became manager of new firm of Malkin-Pearson, wholesalers.

1917-Nov. 24

Duke of Devonshire, Governor-General of Canada, visited city.

1917-Dec. 1

Rev. S. Ryall became minister at St. Paul's Anglican Church.

1917-Dec. 3

Nanaimo residents subscribed $480,300 to Victory Loan.

1918-Jan. 1

Two killed by explosion at Giant Powder Works, Nanoose.

1918-Jan. 12

H. McKenzie re-elected as mayor.

1918-Feb. 1

W. W. Lewis became manager of Nanaimo Gas Works.

1918-Mar. 1

Arthur N. Spencer killed in accident at Harewood mine.

1918-Mar. 4

James Gillespie, pioneer resident, passed away.

1918-Mar. 28

M. C. Clarke, former Entrance Island lighthouse keeper, passed away.

1918-April 24

Royal Bank secured site in Vendome Hotel.

1918-May 14

Miss Edna Johns won honors as Nanaimo Carnival Queen.

1918-June 2

James Harper, one of Nanaimo's best known pioneers, passed away.

1918-June 25

I. Emblem, pioneer resident of Oyster Bay and Nanaimo, passed away.

1918-July 25

Euena Nelson killed by accidental discharge of gun at Extension.

1918-August 8

William Bennett, Nanaimo pioneer, passed away in Vancouver.

1918-Sept. 10

Frightful cage disaster at Protection Mine; 16 men killed when cage crashed to bottom of shaft.

1918-Oct. 17

First death occurred from 'flu epidemic.

1918-Oct. 24

Seven hundred cases of 'flu reported in Nanaimo and district.

1918-Oct. 26

Old Athletic Club hall secured as emergency hospital.

1918-Oct. 29

Four Nanaimoites lost lives when H.M.C.S. Galiano foundered in North.

1918-Nov. 11

Nanaimo residents celebrated the signing of the Armistice.

1918-Nov. 16

'Flu epidemic began to abate.

1918-Dec. 28

Lieut. Ray Collishaw, on way home to Nanaimo from war, announced when he arrived at Halifax that he would fly the Atlantic in April 1919.

1919-Jan. 9

W. J. Smith returned to city and again became headmaster of Silver Cornet Band.

1919-Jan. 12

Mayor H. McKenzie re-elected by acclamation.

1919-Jan. 23

S. Waddington, Nanaimo resident for 60 years passed away.

1919-Jan. 24

Capt. J. W. Glaholm, respected Nanaimo citizen, passed away.

1919-May 6

T. Weeks and V. Harrison badly injured in auto accident on Wallace Street near Comox Road.

1919-April 24

Henry Clark killed in Harewood mine.

1919-May 16

W. L. Dunn became C.P.R. Telegraph and Dominion Express agent.

1919-May 20

Miss Agnes Young chosen as May Queen.

1919-June 2

Daily stage route to Victoria inaugurated.

1919-June 3

Thomas D. Jones, Nanaimo and district pioneer, passed away.

1919-July 13

John Doherty, orderly at Qualicum Military Hospital, shot to death.

1919-July 18

Richard Salo, of Chase River, drowned at Lasqueti Island.

1919-July 26

Dance floor laid at Newcastle Island.

1919-Aug. 4

Aeroplane, Pathfinder No. 5, visited Nanaimo.

1919-Aug. 7

Bush fire threatened Ladysmith Lumber Co.'s camp at East Wellington.

1919-Aug. 9

Stone beacon, for 40 years a familiar sight in Nanaimo Harbour, replaced by buoy.

1919-Aug. 13

Granby defeated Week's Overlands for baseball title.

1919-Aug. 16

First air mail to Nanaimo from Vancouver.

1919-Aug. 18

Nanaimo granted first charter under B.C. Libraries Act.

1919-Aug. 24

Mrs. Mary Ann Meakin, last of surviving heads of original pioneer families that came here on Princess Royal, passed away.

1919-Aug. 30

R. H. Manzer appointed as high school principal.

1919-Sept. 19

Nanaimo's historic Bastion listed among property to be sold by city for tax arrears.

1919-Sept. 23

Nanaimo greeted H.R.H. Prince of Wales, who presented medals to Sergt. M. Gunnis, Cadet J. Dudley, Corp. W. G. Martin, Corp. J. Gaskill and the widow of Sergt. Peter McCorkindale.

1919-Oct. 2

Robert Seggie killed in No. 1 mine.

1919-Oct. 6

Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Governor General of Canada, and Lady Dorothy Cavendish, visited Nanaimo; opened G.W.V.A. [Great War Veterans Association] headquarters.

1919-Oct. 30

George E. Norris, publisher of Nanaimo Free Press and Nanaimo pioneer, passed away.

1919-Oct. 31

Energetic committee of Native Sons made initial payment on Bastion taxes to save it from being sold.

1919-Nov. 3

H. Hackwood appointed City Clerk, succeeding S. Gough who took position on June 26, 1880; Gough became City comptroller.

1919-Nov. 4

S. M. Robins, former Superintendent of W. F. Co., died in England.

1919-Nov. 13

Sir Arthur Currie visited city.

1919-Nov. 15

W. L. Lewis and Matt Armstrong had narrow escape from drowning when swept over light company's dam on Millstream [Millstone].

1919-Nov. 27

Peter Harewood, Nanaimo pioneer, passed away.

1919-Nov. 29

Nanaimo Free Press sold to T. B. Booth.

1919-Dec. 1

Riley Merritt killed in car accident on Comox Road.

1919-Dec. 6

John Newton, pioneer resident, passed away.

1919-Dec. 10

Mrs. E. Quennell, 62 year old native daughter of Nanaimo, passed away.

1919-Dec. 14

Stanley Harding accidently shot in leg at Lagoon.

1920-Jan. 9

T. R. Jackson appointed Inspector of Mines, succeeding the late John Newton.

1920-Jan. 12

Three - year old son of Mrs. A. McCracken killed on Haliburton Street.

1920-Jan. 14

T. W. Moore died from injuries received in No. 1 mine.

1920-Jan. 15

Mayor H. McKenzie re-elected, defeating J. R. McKinnell.

1920-Jan. 27

George Bevilockway, Princess Royal arrival in Nanaimo, passed away in Vancouver.

1920-Jan. 30

George Ward killed in Reserve mine.

1920-Feb. 4

T. H. Richard, pioneer of this district, passed away at Ladysmith.

1920-Feb. 5

Mayor McKenzie opened Nanaimo Public Library on second floor of Athletic Club Building.

1920-Mar. 10

H. McAdie, popular contractor, passed away.

1920-Mar. 17

G. W. Bradley, engineer of Fishery Patrol Fispa, found drowned at Farmer's Landing.

1920-Mar. 20

John Renwick, pioneer resident, passed away.

1920-April 11

E. (Ted) Milburn died of injuries received in Reserve Mine.

1920-Apr. 24

Mayor H. McKenzie, popular civic official, passed away.

1920-May 6

James McGregor, former Nanaimo member, promoted to Chief Inspector of Mines.

1920-May 8

Nanaimo Rotary Club secured charter.

1920-May 14

F. A. Busby elected to mayoralty through death of H. McKenzie.

1920-May 18

Miss Lizzie Dand chosen as Nanaimo's May Queen.

1920-May 21

Wright Waddington severely injured by prowler at Blackstone Hotel.

1920-June 30

Angus McRae killed when auto collided with E & N train between Northfield and Wellington.

1920-July 9

George Thomson, former Government Agent at Nanaimo, died in Vancouver.

1920-July 26

Constable J. Prowse had revolver duel with escaped convict at Wellington.

1920-July 27

Nanaimo secured souvenir German gun.

1920-Aug. 8

Beban's mill at Extension destroyed by bush fire causing $100,000 damage.

1920-Aug. 20

Jules Muyleart had arm blown off while working on new E & N Depot.

1920-Oct. 12

Thomas W. Harris killed in fall from coal train near Wakesiah Mine.

1920-Oct. 20

Nanaimo voted against prohibition.

1920-Dec. 1

William Sloan returned in Provincial elections, defeating T. A. Barnard and Capt. Gilchrist.

1920-Dec. 3

Ernest Waites killed in No. 1 mine.

1920-Dec. 3

New Ladysmith Lumber Co., at Ladysmith, destroyed by fire causing damage of $31,600.

1920-Dec. 4

William Choyick murdered on E & N tracks near creamery.

1920-Dec. 18

Mrs. Harriet Harris, link with Nanaimo's past history, passed away.

1920-Dec. 27

F. C. Meakin, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1921-Jan. 6

James Haggart, Wellington pioneer, passed away.

1921-Jan. 10

Mayor Busby returned by acclamation.

1921-Feb. 16

William M. Langton, one of city's best known residents, passed away.

1921-Feb. 19

Capt. J. Barton's Nanaimo First Aid team presented with medals for winning Canadian championship.

1921-Feb. 28

Two hundred men thrown out of work by closing of Harewood mine.

1921-Mar. 10

Thomas Degnen, last of original Gabriola Island settlers 60 years ago, passed away.

1921-Mar. 25

Fire, with damage of $40,000, destroyed Malpass and Wilson's Haliburton Street store.

1921-May 14

Noah Shakespeare, former Nanaimo M.L. A., passed away in Victoria

1921-May 21

Chief of Police Jacob Neen, passed away.

1921-June 1

Mr. & Mrs. P. Jones took over Globe Hotel.

1921-June 6

Grand Lodge, I.O.O.F. convened in Nanaimo.

1921-June 13

E. C. Gibson appointed liquor vendor for Nanaimo.


Veterans Bakery opened.

1921-July 23

Ladysmith won Connaught Cup series from Calgary Callies at Ladysmith.

1921-July 30

Ladysmith defeated Winnipeg to enter final for Connaught Cup.

1921-July 3

Mrs. G. E. Norris, well-known pioneer resident, passed away.

1921-Aug. 6

Ladysmith lost in final for Connaught Cup to Toronto Scottish.

1921-Aug. 11

Mrs. Pankhurst, leading suffragette, visited city.

1921-Aug. 15

A. O. F [Ancient Order of Foresters?] . convened in city.

1921-Aug. 24

Nanaimo's Canadian championship first aid team of J. Barton, G. Carson, C. Tyler, J. Brown, D. Stobbart and C. Nicholls, left to compete in world meet at St. Louis; placed fourth.

1921-Aug. 26

Milton C. Westwood, Northfield pioneer, passed away.

1921-Aug. 30

Fifty thousand dollar fire destroyed Nanaimo Fish Meal and Oil Refining at Brechin.

1921-Sept. 3

New paved road to Chase River opened.

1921-Oct. 24

R. Hilbert, one of Nanaimo's pioneers, passed away.

1921-Oct. 28

No. 2 dam at South Forks broke.

1921-Nov. 6

War memorial unveiled by Miss Lorna McCourt and Miss Agnes McCorkindale.

1921-Nov. 12

Mrs. Jane Sabiston, one of Nanaimo's great pioneers, passed away.

1921-Nov. 25

Susquash and Morden mines sold for $316,000 by Sheriff Trawford at auction to E. R. Ross.

1921-Dec. 1

Mrs. John Renwick, resident for 55 years, passed away.

1921-Dec. 6

C. H. Dickie won Federal election from T. B. Booth and W. A. Pritchard.

1921-Dec. 13

Harry Crooks lost while hunting at Englishman's River.

1921-Dec. 19

Mrs. B. H. Smith, former Nanaimo pioneer resident, passed away at Whitby Island.

1921-Dec. 22

James Degnen, who was born on Gabriola Island on Jan. 11 1859, passed away.

1921-Dec. 26

Donald MacLellan, of South Wellington, killed in auto accident at Cedar.

1922-Jan. 3

Hon. Dr. McLean, Minister of Education, opened Nanaimo's New High School in Old Agricultural Building.

1922-Jan. 5

J. H. Pleace, prominent old timer, passed away.

1922-Jan. 12

Mayor F. Busby re-elected.

1922-Jan. 14

London Fruit Store, Commercial Street, destroyed by fire.

1922-Jan. 15

Mrs. Isabella Cowie, one of B.C.'s prominent pioneers, passed away.

1922-Jan. 31

Alexander Dunsmore killed in Protection mine.

1922-Feb. 25

Body of A. Gray found in Nanaimo River.

1922-Mar. 29

Mrs. J. W. Dibley and two children burned to death on small island off Gabriola.

1922-Apr. 12

Body of little Cecil Calverley found in water off Farmer's Landing.

1922-May 4

Thomas Gordon, well known proprietor of Globe Hotel, passed away.

1922-May 5

May Leaf died of burns sustained when explosion resulted from lighting fire with alcohol.

1922-May 18

Emelia Quinn chosen as Nanaimo's May Queen.

1922-May 30

Edward Hoskin, 50-year resident of district, died.

1922-May 31

Thomas Christian killed on Wallace Street.

1922-June 8

Joseph Cuffalo, pioneer hotelman, passed away.

1922-July 1

Mrs. Richard Gibson passed away in Victoria.

1922-July 1

Nanaimo won B.C. final of Connaught Cup from Vancouver I.L. A., 3-0.

1922-July 17

Three bridges and 300 feet of pipe line destroyed at South Forks by bush fire; water pumped from Nanaimo River for city.

1922-July 8

Mrs. Jane McMillan, old pioneer, passed away.

1922-July 15

Nanaimo eliminated from Connaught Cup by Calgary.

1922-Aug. 24

Lord and Lady Byng paid brief visit to city.

1922-Aug. 30

Cumberland explosion, 15 killed and 16 injured.

1922-Sept. 6

City accepted Wilkes James' totem pole.

1922-Sept. 28

Alex Henderson, pioneer monumental works owner, sold out to C. Millins.

1922-Oct. 7

Court Nanoose, A. O. F. [Ancient Order of Foresters?], instituted.

1922-Oct. 16

John Mercer, aged seven years, killed and six other youths injured while hauling load of bonfire logs on Haliburton Street.

1922-Nov. 24

Alfred Odgers and Gilbert McBroom killed in explosion at Wakesiah Mine.

1922-Nov. 25

Hector Guellette killed at Granby mine.

1922-Dec. 16

Noah Coundley, esteemed pioneer, passed away.

1922-Dec. 26

Tugs Wee-Two and Tepic collided in harbor; John Docherty drowned.

1923-Jan. 10

Alfred Austin, five-year old, drowned in Millstream [Millstone] at East Wellington.

1923-Jan. 11

F. A. Busby defeated J. Barsby in mayoralty race.

1923-Jan. 23

Joseph Blackburn, aged 14, killed at No. 1 pithead.

1923-Jan. 31

T. Mills, former manager W. F. Co., [Western Fuel Company] passed away.

1923-Feb. 1

Mrs. Ellen Davis, Northfield pioneer, passed away.

1923-Feb. 8

Explosion at No. 4 mine, Cumberland, killed 33 men.

1923-Feb. 13

Tug Hilda wrecked at Gabriola.

1923-Feb. 19

John Denton, city pioneer, passed away.

1923-Mar. 5

Jean Knarston and George Bertram won titles of most beautiful children in Nanaimo.

1923-Mar. 11

Mrs. Harry Allsopp, pioneer, passed away.

1923-April 10

Andrew Haslam, former mayor and M.L.A of Nanaimo, passed away in Vancouver.

1923-Apr. 25

Thomas Harrison, prominent city sportsman, passed away.

1923-April 25

Baden Powell and Lady Baden Powell visited city.

1923-Apr. 29

Million dollar fire wiped out E & N shops at Wellington.

1923-May 11

Grand Posts of Native Sons and Daughters convened here.

1923-May 12

Mary Plaskett, of South Wellington, chosen as May Queen.

1923-June 2

Mrs. James Malpass, noted pioneer, passed away.

1923-June 4

Albert Mortimer killed in Protection mine.

1923-June 6

Mother of D. J. Jenkins passed away in VIctoria.

1923-June 13

James M. Brown laid cornerstone of new Masonic building.

1923-July 12

Nanaimo's population set at 10,000.

1923-Aug. 8

Nanaimo won Connaught Cup from Montreal C.P.R. after three 1-0 games, two of them going to Nanaimo.

1923-Aug. 11

Triumphant footballers welcomed home.

1923-Sept. 4

James Blade and George Morgan lost lives in No. 1 mine.

1923-Sept. 7

James Russell drowned off dredge in harbor.

1923-Sept. 23

Tug Peggy O'Neil over-turned in Porlier Pass, drowning five men.

1923-Oct. 14

Nanaimo creamery badly damaged by fire.

1923-Nov. 1

Jno. Shaw officially opened new school gymnasium.

1923-Nov. 2

George Perry presented with bravery medal by Hon. W. Sloan for bravery in attempted rescue of John Docherty.

1923-Nov. 9

First game played in new gymnasium.

1923-Nov. 19

Mrs. Frank Andre, district pioneer, passed away.

1923-Nov. 20

James S. Knarston, prominent in civic affairs, passed away.

1923-Nov. 20

Capt. W. L. Gilchirst, of the Princess Patricia, died as a result of injuries.

1923-Nov. 26

James Cook killed in No. 1 mine.

1923-Nov. 28

Mark Bate presented with appreciation medal by Native Sons.

1923-Dec. 4

Joseph Woobank, prominent citizen, passed away.

1923-Dec. 5

Coal wharves badly damaged by S. S. Jacques Cartier.

1923-Dec. 18

Seven injured when Whizz Bang collided with E & N train on Comox Road.

1923-Dec. 22

A. J. Dixon, pioneer, passed away.

1924-Jan. 5

Capt. A. F. Yates appointed harbormaster.

1924-Jan. 17

Mayor Busby re-elected.

1924-Jan. 25

Andrew McKinnell, Cranberry District pioneer, passed away.

1924-Jan. 28

W. Randle, prominent pioneer, dead in Vancouver.

1924-Mar. 3

William Coundley, esteemed citizen, passed away.

1924-Mar. 4

Central Sports Grounds opened by Nanaimo and Ladysmith senior soccer teams, which played to a 1-1 draw.

1924-Mar. 10

John Robinson, Walter McKay, killed and seven injured when car overturned between Wellington and Northfield.

1924-Mar. 23

Frank Borthwick drowned in Big Lake, Wellington.

1924-Mar. 24

Campaign opened for establishment of new Auto Park.

1924-Mar. 27

James Branch killed in Lantzville mine.

1924-Mar. 31

Dr. J. G. Ross, veterinary surgeon, passed away.

1924-Apr. 10

Dicky Stobbart of Nanaimo soccer team and Anderson and Chapman, of Ladysmith, left for Australia with All-Canadians.

1924-Apr. 21

David Williams passed away at Cassidy after residence of 52 years there.

1924-April 25

James C. Reilly, one of city's best known residents, passed away.

1924-May 19

Jimmy Knight, "Fat" Edmunds, and J. Perry set kite flying record, using nine spools of string besides several hundred yards.

1924-June 3

Patrol boat Vanidis secured for local fisheries.

1924-June 24

W. Sloan re-elected to Provincial House over W. A. Pitchard, F. A. Busby and A. M. Whiteside.

1924-July 12

Native Sons lodge protest against changing name of Vancouver Island.

1924-July 25

William Devlin drowned in Millstream [Millstone].

1924-Aug. 1

Dickie Stobbart secured gold souvenir medal in Australia as outstanding member of All-Canadians.

1924-Aug. 2

W. Bennett secured Globe Hotel.

1924-Aug. 14

F. Taggart killed in accident at junction of South Wellington and Granby roads

1924-Aug. 18

Touring Corinthian footballers beaten 2-1 by Up-Islanders.

1924-Sept. 19

Nanaimo Breweries Ltd. took over Landsdowne Brewery.

1924-Sept. 1

Lieut. Governor Nichol presented Canadian championship medals to Nanaimo First Aid team.

1924-Oct. 2

W. F. [Western Fuel] Co. employees signed three year contract agreement with management.

1924-Oct. 10

Lunch hour for schools extended to one and one-quarter hours.

1924-Oct. 16

Prime Minister MacKenzie King and three of his ministers visited the city.

1924-Nov. 4

Charles Wilson, prominent old time citizen, passed away.

1924-Nov. 19

Seattle aviators out of Nanaimo, reported missing.

1924-Nov. 21

G. W. V.A. [Great War Veteran's Association] secured new home on Chapel Street.

1924-Nov. 26

Fee of $50 for outside pupils at high school set.

1924-Dec. 3

Rev. D. Lister, of Nanaimo, only opponent to church union at the convention.

1924-Dec. 12

Nanaimo's first bank hold-up; robbers secured $42,000 and missed another $80,000 from Royal Bank.

1925-Jan. 6

F. S. Clark, prominent citizen, passed away.

1925-Jan. 15

V. B. Harrison elected as mayor.

1925-Jan. 15

Antonio Gallia, prominent hotelman, passed away.

1925-Feb. 20

Miss L. A. Mebius, teacher at Nanaimo schools for 41 years, passed away.

1925-March 3

David Scales, Nanaimo resident for 55 years, passed away.

1925-March 5

W. G. Martin, esteemed member of G.W.V.A. [Great War Veteran's Association], passed away.

1925-March 12

Joseph Ferguson, resident of Ladysmith, passed away.

1925-March 22

Mrs. W. R. McKenzie, Nanaimo pioneer, passed away.

1925-April 4

Old landmark, the Hirst residence on Commercial Street, torn down to make way for Hall Block.

1925-April 28

First sod turned in preparation for City's new $100,000 hospital.

1925-May 2

Southend won O.B. Allan provincial title by defeating Davenports.

1925-May 15

Peter Whiskers, of Extension, killed in mine.

1925-June 1

Nanaimo's rest room opened to public.

1925-June 5

Miners asked for enquiry into wages when asked to take a cut.

1925-June 10

Celebration of consummation of Union by Presbyterian and Methodist churches in Canada.

1925-June 11

Company's offer rejected by miners on secret ballot.

1925-June 12

Underground employees accepted offer on open ballot.

1925-July 7

Announcement made that B.C. Electric planned to make Nanaimo centre of Island bus line.

1925-July 29

Nanaimo lost to Ulster United in third game for Connaught Cup at Winnipeg.

1925-July 29

Mrs. Menathloet Onehome Indian, born in Nanaimo in 1820, passed away at Nanaimo River.

1925-Aug. 14

Silver Cornet Band won B.C. Championship.

1925-Aug. 20

Lieut.-Gov. Nichol laid corner stone of Nanaimo's new hospital.

1925-Sept. 20

Mrs. John Hunter and four daughters burned to death at South Wellington.

1925-Oct. 29

C. H. Dickie won Federal election.

1925-Dec. 9

W. F. Norris, Nanaimo pioneer, passed away in Vancouver.

1925-Dec. 11

Native Sons awarded Appreciation Medal to Samuel Gough.

1925-Dec. 13

W. Manson, prominent church official, passed away.

1925-Dec. 24

Samuel Gough, noted city official and Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1926-Jan. 1

Output at No. 1, Wakesiah and Reserve for 1925 was 586,933 tons.

1926-Jan. 14

Mayor V. B. Harrison re-elected by big majority.

1926-Jan. 16

James Miller Brown, esteemed pioneer, passed away.

1926-Jan. 30

Unique wedding took place in Bastion.

1926-Jan. 31

Peter Weigle, well-known business man, passed away.

1926-Feb. 4

John W. Gray, pioneer, killed in Reserve Mine.

1926-March 23

Two "Modern Pied Pipers" a pair of pretty women, arrived to clear the town of rats.

1926-April 5

Tom Lewis' Rinky Dinks won senior girls' basketball title of province from Kamloops.

1926-April 6

Bert Conti and Frank Sunbury killed in Granby Mine.

1926-April 12

Council decided to have Provincial Police.

1926-April 27

Lord and Lady Byng visited the city.

1926-May 3

Harry E. Allen, prominent bandsman, called to rest.

1926-May 6

Campaign for Nanaimo's proposed hotel commenced.

1926-May 16

Miss Nellie Blinkhorn, of Five Acres, chosen as May Queen.

1926-May 25

Courtenay razed by $100,000 fire.

1926-June 8

P. J. Piper and R. Jenkins took over McAdie Undertaking Parlors.

1926-June 17

George Vipond, resident here 50 years, passed away.

1926-July 7

"Josh" Curry, pioneer engineer and municipal officer, passed away.

1926-July 24

John Hilbert, ex-mayor, passed away.

1926-Sept. 13

Bishop of London visited city.

1926-Nov. 1

J. H. Hawthornthwaite, former Nanaimo Member [of provincial legislature], passed away.

1926-Nov. 8

Fog horn protest meeting.

1926-Nov. 20

George Michie shot to death at Camp 9.

1926-Nov. 28

Ben Baker, prominent in civic affairs, and resident of city for 68 years, passed away.

1926-Dec. 4

W. Bennett killed on railway tracks at Wellington.

1927Jan. 13

"Fat" Edmunds and Stan Tait chosen on all-Canadian team to tour New Zealand.

1927-Jan. 13

J. F. Webber killed in Wakesiah mine.

1927Jan. 13

F. A. Busby elected mayor; every old councilor defeated.

1927-March 19

James Malpass, Princess Royal arrival, passed away.

1927-March 22

New Nanaimo Hotel named "Malaspina".

1927-May 14

Miss Dorothy Dickinson chosen as May Queen.

1927-May 27

Mrs. J. Greenwell, district pioneer, passed away at South Wellington.

1927-May 30

Safe blown at Spencer's store and $5,000 taken.

1927-June 13

Veterans' Organizations took charge of city beaches.

1927-June 18

Touring Scotch footballers beat Up-Islanders 5-2.

1927-July 30

Malaspina Hotel opened.

1927-Aug. 3

Nanaimo won Connaught Cup from Fort William Legion.

1927-Aug. 6

Footballers welcomed on return home.

1927-Aug. 7

Alfred Hodgson and son drowned in Nanaimo River.

1927-Aug. 23

Robert Gillard, prominent pioneer sportsman, passed away.

1927-Aug. 26

Mark Bate, 16 years mayor and city's most prominent citizen, who was a Princess Royal passenger in 1854 [1857], passed away on visit to England.

1927-Aug. 31

Monument commemorating discovery of coal in Nanaimo erected on Dallas Square.

1927-Sept. 11

Ray Case killed in auto accident at Quarterway.

1927-Sept. 19

Funeral of Mark Bate.

1927-Nov. 5

Mrs. Mary Cartwright, born in Nanaimo in 1853, passed away in Victoria.

1927-Nov. 7

Tully Boyce, prominent Nanaimo labor man, died in Victoria.

1927-Nov. 8

Mrs. Lily Sabiston, resident of Nanaimo for 65 years, passed away.

1928-Jan. 9

Mayor Busby and council re-elected by acclamation.

1928-Jan. 13

Another fog horn protest held.

1928-Jan. 25

Robert Booth, pioneer, passed away.

1928-Feb. 8

Commission sat to investigate Canadian Collieries wages.

1928-March 1

Underground employees of W. F. Co. decided to work.

1928-March 2

William Sloan, Nanaimo M.L.A., passed away in Victoria.

1928-March 6

Mrs. Elizabeth Fiddick, pioneer here for 67 years, passed away.

1928-March 14

Oliver Randle, prominent resident, passed away.

1928-March 14

Hospital Board decided to complete building.

1928-March 29

Lieut. Gov. Bruce guest of Nanaimo Kiwanis.

1928-April 1

1065 pupils registered at Nanaimo Schools.

1928-April 10

Pete Maffeo's senior basketballers won provincial Senior B title.

1928-May 5

Princess Elaine arrived after exciting trip from England; Capt. Troup presented with shield by Nanaimo.

1928-May 5

Neil McCuish, pioneer, passed away.

1928-May 17

First Upper Island Musical Festival in Nanaimo.

1928-May 23

Andrew Slater killed in Reserve mine.

1928-May 23

William Hoggan, prominent Nanaimoite, passed away in Vancouver.

1928-June 23

Mrs. A. T. Norris, prominent old resident, passed away.

1928-July 18

George S. Pearson won provincial election from V. B. Harrison and John Place.

1928-July 26

Major Jimmy Walker, of New York, visited city.

1928-Aug. 9

Silver Cornet Band won provincial honors.

1928-Aug. 23

Mrs. W. E. Webb, oldest living member of St. Paul's Church, passed away.

1928-Aug. 24

W. H. Philpott, well-known restauranteur, passed away.

1928-Sept. 1

Canadian Collieries took over W. F. Co.

1928-Sept. 25

Thomas Smith killed in Reserve Mine.

1928-Oct. 10

Nanaimo hospital officially opened.

1928-Oct. 12

Charles Rawlinson, merchant, passed away.

1928-Nov. 5

John Thomas, Cedar pioneer, passed away.

1928-Nov. 3

Mark Bate, Jr., passed away.

1928-Dec. 3

C. G. Stevens; well known hotel man, passed away.

1928-Dec. 8

V. I. coach lines took over Union Stage and Taxi Co., Nanaimo

1928-Dec. 20

Mrs. A. E. Dean, resident here for 45 years, passed away.

1928-Dec. 28

Milton McDonald, esteemed citizen, passed away.

1929-Jan. 1

John Vagts, cigarmaker, killed in accident on Commercial St.

1929-Jan. 2

S. M. Saunders appointed liquidator of Nanaimo Lumber Co.

1929-Jan. 3

Electric Light used for the first time at Wellington and Northfield.

1929-Jan. 11

Nelson Hodgson killed in Extension logging camp.

1929-Jan. 14

Mayor Busby re-elected by acclamation.

1929-Jan. 20

Frank Parks, well-known resident, met death.

1929-Jan. 30

Reports showed that $100,000 of outside capital had been invested in Nanaimo.

1929-Feb. 1

Ted Rumming, one of city's most popular youg men, passed away from injuries received in a sleighing accident.

1929-Feb. 6

Charles "Sharkey" Drake, member of old Hornet rugby squad, passed away.

1929-Feb. 22

Millionaire's Club project proposed at Nanoose where 2300 acres were bought for purpose.

1929-March 5

Five year old Louise Crawshaw killed by car on Haliburton street.

1929-March 4

Assembly wharf for Nanaimo mooted.

1929-April 1

Familiar old Mount View Hotel destroyed by fire.

1929-May 1

B.C. Egg Pool opened Nanaimo branch.

1929-June 10

Clark Renney killed at Nanaimo Lumber Co. mill.

1929-June 12

Stan Young killed on logging train at Extension.

1929-June 15

Touring Welsh footballers won 3-0.

1929-July 24

Gyros opened playground No. 1, Comox Road.

1929-Aug. 15

Mrs. John Sampson, resident for 55 years, passed away.

1929-Aug. 22

First talking picture heard at Capitol Theatre.

1929-Aug. 23

Brechin mill destroyed by fire, damage $75,000.

1929-Aug. 23

Sir Henry Thornton visited city.

1929-Sept. 12

Lake Road sawmill burned.

1929-Sept. 16

Senator A. E. Planta entertained pioneers of Nanaimo, celebrating his fiftieth year of residence here.

1929-Nov. 7

Joseph Fox, prominent hotelman, passed away in Vancouver.

1929-Nov. 27

Mrs. J. B. Mercer, resident for 50 years, passed away.

1929-Dec. 13

Billy Townsend, Nanaimo boy, won lightweight boxing title of Canada from Al Foreman.

1929-Dec. 29

John Weeks, city pioneer, passed away.

1930-Jan. 8

James W. Jemson, Inspectors of Mines on Island, passed away.

1930-Jan. 16

Dr. G. A. B. Hall elected mayor.

1930-Jan. 20

Capt. A. F. Yates, prominent Nanaimo citizen and harbormaster, passed away.

1930-Jan. 31

Rev. E. G. Taylor, prominent church member and Inspector of Fisheries, passed away.

1930-Feb. 5

George Clements, manager of Veterans' Bakery, passed away.

1930-Feb. 7

Judge Eli Harrison passed away.

1930-Feb. 24

Mrs. T. Jones, Wellington pioneer, passed away.

1930-March 13

M. C. Ironside appointed harbor master.

1930-March 30

City borrowed $140,000 from Compensation Board.

1930-June 1

Water rates raised.

1930-June 2

Mrs. Joshua Martell, pioneer resident, passed away.

1930-June 16

Hon. R. B. Bennett [Prime Minister] visited city.

1930-July 19

St. Paul's Church, I X L Stables, Wilson Hotel, Pontiac Sales, T. Weeks and Sons, Institute and other buildings wiped out by $150,000 fire.

1930-July 19

Cornerstone St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church laid by John Frame.

1930-July 28

C. H. Dickie re-elected to Federal House over C. H. O'Halloran.

1930-Aug. 4

St. John Ambulance Hall razed by fire.

1930-Sept. 15

Mrs. John Shaw, resident since 1875, passed away.

1930-Oct. 8

Gus Steffen, one of the city's best known residents, passed away.

1930-Oct. 13

Mrs. M. P. Haarer, a resident of Nanaimo for 45 years, passed away.

1930-Oct. 20

Lt. Gov. Bruce opened the Scout Hut, Comox Road Park.

1930-Nov. 13

Nanaimo given $45,000 for relief.

1930-Dec. 7

Andrew Rickard shot in hunting fatality at Wellington.

1930-Dec. 10

Wilson Billiard Hall re-opened after fire.

1930-Dec. 28

R. H. Green, 16, burned to death.

1931-Jan. 12

Dr. G. A. B. Hall re-elected mayor by acclamation

1931-Feb. 9

Dan G. Dailey, well known pioneer, ex-alderman and barber, died.

1931-Feb. 18

Rosalie Emery burned to death in Five Acres fire.

1931-March 28

C.P.R. bought Newcastle Island from W. F. [Western Fuel] Company to use as a tourist resort.

1931-April 25

George Meredith, Northfield pioneer, passed away.

1931-May 3

Alphonse Clarck died of injuries received in auto accident.

1931-June 20

Newcastle Island resort opened by Mayor Hall.

1931-June 20

Nanaimo defeated by English soccer team, 8 - 2.

1931-July 5

John Isherwood, poplar native, passed away.

1931-July 7

Three children of Mr and Mrs. C. Stevens drowned in Nanaimo River.

1931-July 8

Pendray Harris, resident here for 53 years, passed away.

1931-Aug. 2

Norma Nummela killed in auto accident near Chase River.

1931-Aug. 11

Andrew Parker died of injuries received in South Wellington Mine.

1931-Aug. 14

Gabriola Island ferry, Atrevida, service opened by Hon. R. W. Bruhn.

1931-Aug. 24

Bishop of London laid the cornerstone of St. Paul's Church.

1931-Sept. 6

Dunc McNaughton and Joe Blyles, Olympic champions, guests at Native Sons' Labor Day track and field meet.

1931-Sept. 17

Mrs. Elizabeth Paterson, one of the oldest residents in the district, passed away.

1931-Oct. 14

$105,000 dam at South Forks, completed.

1931-Oct. 18

Mrs. Elizabeth Richards, resident here for 50 years, died.

1931-Nov. 1

Mrs. James Stewart, esteemed pioneer, passed away.

1931-Nov. 26

Nanaimo street lights turned on by Mrs. J. Dixon.

1931-Dec. 1

Mrs. Albert Duggan, pioneer, passed away.

1931-Dec. 6

Benny Sands lost on hunting trip at Nanoose.

1931-Dec. 7

John Hemer, district pioneer, passed away.

1931-Dec. 20

Dr. T. J. McPhee passed away.

1931-Dec. 31

Robert Hamilton, district pioneer passed away at South Wellington.

1932-Jan. 1

John S. Greenwell, resident for 46 years, passed away.

1932-Jan. 1

Adam H. Horne, born in Nanaimo 72 years ago, and postmaster for a number of years, passed away in Vancouver.

1932-Jan. 11

John Barsby elected mayor by acclamation.

1932-Jan. 13

Mrs. Emma Tembey, born in Nanaimo 62 years ago, passed away.

1932-Jan. 14

Record vote polled in civic election.

1932-Jan. 18

Mrs. C. J. Pearce, prominent pioneer, passed away.

1932-Jan. 25

Bishop Schofield consecrated St. Paul's Church.

1932-Feb. 5

Nanoose Bob, aged 105 and reputed as the oldest Indian in Canada, passed away.

1932-Feb. 21

Frank Dawson, well known pioneer, passed away.

1932-Feb. 28

Mrs. James Miller Brown, pioneer, passed away.

1932-April 5

Mrs. Jane Eliza Rumming, age 95 years, Nanaimo's oldest resident, passed away.

1932-April 27

Arnold Bell passed away from injuries received in No. 1 mine.

1932-May 3

Fire at Ladysmith caused $50,000 damage.

1932-May 4

Fire destroyed three Five Acre homes.

1932-May 14

Mrs. A. F. Yates, esteemed resident, passed away.

1932-May 30

Nanaimo F. C. [Football Club] Suspended by B.C.F.A. with other Coast League clubs.

1932-June 8

Richard Booth, resident of Nanaimo for half a century, passed away.

1932-July 21

Thomas Hodgson, ex-mayor and prominent educationalist, passed away.

1932-July 31

$100,000 fire on Commercial street swept through several stores.

1932-Sept. 2

Lord and Lady Bessborough visited Nanaimo.

1932-Sept. 26

Cricket Field name changed to Robins Park

1932-Nov. 6

Opening service in new Christian Science Church on Chapel street.

1932-Dec. 17

Angus McKenzie, prominent citizen for half a century, passed away.

1932-Dec. 23

Mrs. R. R. Hindmarch, a well-known resident, passed away.

1933-Jan. 9

Mayor J. Barsby re-elected by acclamation.

1933-Jan. 13

Robert Gemmell, oldest telegraph operator in Canada, passed away in Nanaimo.

1933-Jan. 22

William Baker, for 62 years a resident of Wellington, passed away.

1933-Feb. 21

Victoria coal dealers met City Council re: importation of foreign coal.

1933-March 15

Conrad Reifel, esteemed resident of this community, passed away.

1933-April 7

Mosquito A's won B.C. Intermediate B hoop title.

1933-April 29

Southend Foresters won first division juvenile soccer title of B.C.

1933-May 16

Norman Mortimer died of injuries in football game.

1933-May 24

Lt. Gov. Fordham Johnson crowned May Queen Mary Carter.

1933-July 1

E. Stolzenberg ran mile in 4:41 at junior Olympics in Vancouver.

1933-July 12

Ray Davis died of injuries received in motorcycle accident.

1933-July 14

Thomas Bryant, one of the city's best known pioneers, passed away.

1933-July 22

J. Gavin's rink won Nabob lawn bowling trophy in Vancouver.

1933-July 22

International cruiser race from Olympia, Wash. ended here.

1933-July 27

Samuel Mottishaw, Nanaimo pioneer, passed away in Vancouver.

1933-Sept. 3

James Knight, first locomotive engineer in Nanaimo, passed away.

1933-Sept. 4

Margaret Thompson bested Margaret Bell, Canadian high-jump champion, in event at Native Sons track and field meet.

1933-Sept. 7

Douglas Syme slain at Ladysmith.

1933-Oct. 5

Slight earthquake shocks felt in city.

1933-Oct. 15

Mrs. James Aitken, beloved pioneer, passed away in Vancouver.

1933-Oct. 23

Mrs. Mary Dunbar, district pioneer, passed away.

1933-Nov. 2

George S. Pearson re-elected to Provincial House.

1933-Nov. 15

Nanaimo's large flagpole at Court House taken down.

1933-Nov. 27

Wonderful celebration in Nanaimo by Pioneer Society to commemorate landing of Princess Royal in 1854.

1933-Dec. 14

Maeterlinck's "Bluebird" presented by Nanaimo cast.

1933-Dec. 28

William Newberry, pioneer sportsman, passed away.

1933-Dec. 31

Don Morrison, prominent sportsman and athletic trainer, passed away.

1934-Jan. 8

Mayor J. Barsby re-elected by acclamation.

1934-Feb. 2

Robert Hindmarsh, city pioneer, called to rest.

1934-Feb. 2

William Brown, well known merchant, passed away.

1934-Feb. 6

Remains of Benny Sands, lost hunter, found at Nanoose.

1934-Feb. 8

Thomas Tolley, prominent sportsman, passed away.

1934-Feb. 12

Nanaimo Celebration Committee decided to hold Home Town Week from May 20 - 26.

1934-Feb. 20

St. Andrew's United Church celebrated founding of Methodist Church in Nanaimo.

1934-Feb. 21

Sea serpent sighted at Gabriola Island.

1934-Feb. 28

H. L. Good, prominent former civic official, passed away.

1934-March 1

T. Wells took over Windsor Hotel; big improvements planned.

1934-March 4

Richard Prowse, city pioneer, called to rest.

1934-March 7

Sea serpent again sighted, at Departure Bay; believed to be sea elephant.

1934-March 24

Nanaimo Aerie F. O. E. [Fraternal Order of Eagles] call for tenders for construction of their new lodge building on Bastion street.

1934-March 27

John Cairns, Cedar pioneer, passed away.

1934-March 29

Miss Lillian Saunders is elected as Nanaimo's 1934 May Queen.