Nanaimo Historical Society Transcripts

The Nanaimo Historical Society started recording interviews and presentations in 1958.  Transcripts, some with audio recording, of selected recordings are available here.  


No permission is required to use this material for private research.  Any other use, in whole or in part and including online publication, requires written permission.  For more information, contact the Nanaimo Historical Society directly.

Page Link Interviewee / Speaker Audio Recording
K. Grant, Early Doctor Johnson, Patricia 01_johnson__cd_29.mp3
Hudson’s Bay Company Karr, Clarence
Family History Kneen, Joseph
Nanaimo Concert Band Lewis, John
Family History Lewis, William
Wallace Street McGirr, Flora
Interview, Address & Eulogy Maffeo, Peter 6-01_maffeo__cd_17.mp3
Manson Family Manson, William 01_manson__cd_25.mp3
Interview & Address Ney, Frank 01_frank_ney_interview__cd_23.mp3
Brierly Hill & the Princess Royal Sale, Don
History of Soccer Sandland, Arthur “Bud”
Logging on the BC Coast Schon, Don
Italians in Nanaimo Sedola, Gino
Stevens and Manson family histories Stevens, Gib & Stella
Coal Mines, Railways, etc. Swanson, Robert 01_swanson__cd_40.mp3
Coal Mining Thatcher, Lew
Jewelry Store Thorneycroft, Harold
History of Oceanography of the Pacific Coast Tully, John P. 3-01_tully__cd_19.mp3
Wardill family since 1887 Wardill, Judge Stanley
Family History Yates, Captain Arthur