Nanaimo Historical Society Transcripts

The Nanaimo Historical Society started recording interviews and presentations in 1958.  Transcripts, some with audio recording, of selected recordings are available here.  


No permission is required to use this material for private research.  Any other use, in whole or in part and including online publication, requires written permission.  For more information, contact the Nanaimo Historical Society directly.

Page Link Interviewee / Speaker Audio Recording
Hudson’s Bay Company Amory, Lord 01_lord_amory__cd_32.mp3
Wharf and Bastion Streets Barraclough, William
Electricity in Nanaimo Barraclough, William 01_barraclough__cd_39.mp3
Nanaimo Gas Works Barraclough, William 3-01_barraclough__gas__cd_10.mp3
Boundary Commission Barraclough, William
Adam Grant Horne Barraclough, William 01_barraclough__grant_horne__cd_20.mp3
S.S. Beaver Barraclough, William
Joseph E.L. Muir Barraclough, William 01_muir__cd_24.mp3
Childhood Reminiscences Bate, Darryl
Coal Deposits on Vancouver Island Buckham, A. Fraser
Mining & Family History Dean, Nelson & Alex
The Finnish Community Dixon, Lillian Dixon_Lillian.mp3
Fire Department History Dunn, Albert
Coal Mining Gallagher, Dan
Nanaimo’s Italian Community Gusola, Alex
Civic Government Hall, Gertrude 01_hall__cd_7.mp3
Marine Artist Hardcastle, Jack
Brother 12 (XII) Harrison, Victor 01_barraclough__cd_44.mp3
Nanaimo Bastion Harrison, Victor
Harmac Arboretum Hermansen, Carl