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Nanaimo Historical Society fonds
Nanaimo Historical Society fonds [textual record, sound recording, graphic material]. -- 1953-2004, intermittent.
16 cm of textual records
ca. 250 sound recordings
ca. 25 photographs

Established in 1953, the Nanaimo Historical Society is a member society of the British Columbia Historical Association (now Federation). The Society organizes guest speakers and field trips. In addition, the Society has produced a number of publications, most notably "Nanaimo Retrospective" "From the Black Country to Nanaimo" and "The Company on the Coast". The Society also funds several prizes and scholarships at Vancouver Island University. The Nanaimo Archives, the Nanaimo Heritage Advisory Committee and the Nanaimo Museum were initiated by the Nanaimo Historical Society.

Fonds was created from materials from numerous donors including the Nanaimo Museum and members of the society. Much of the material was donated to the Museum in undocumented transactions and subsequently transferred to the Nanaimo Community Archives. Since 2006, the Society has donated records directly to the Archives.

Fonds consists of records related to the governance and activities of the Nanaimo Historical Society. Fonds is arranged in the following series 1) Executive records; 2) Sound recordings; 3) Nanaimo Local History Research group records; 4) Speeches and historical writings; 5) Not in use; 6) Photographs; 7) Programmes, Projects and Events 8) Newsletters and 9) Miscellaneous.

Title based on contents of the fonds.
Series descriptions available.
Further accruals are expected.

Series 1.

Executive records [textual record]. -- 1953-2004, intermittent.
8 cm of textual records

Series consists of annual reports, minutes, correspondence, executive job descriptions, programme correspondence, materials related to BCHF conferences in Nanaimo in 1958 and 1979, essays by scholarship winners and an invitation to the Society's first meeting in in 1953.

Title is based on the contents of the series.

Series 2.

Sound recordings [sound recording]. -- 1958- [ca. 2010].
ca. 250 audio cassettes and other sound recordings

Series consists of sound recordings created by the Nanaimo Historical Society, predominantly of interviews with local residents and presentations given at the society's monthly meetings. Many of the earlier interviews were conducted by William Barraclough. Some of the reels and cassettes were transferred to CD by Vancouver Island University Library in 2001. Some of the reels were transferred to cassette format by the Historical Society.

Title is based on the contents of the series.
Unrestricted access for private research purposes. Other uses require written permission.
Item level descriptions and transcriptions available for selected recordings.
Selected recordings available on both the Vancouver Island University and Nanaimo Archives webpages.

Series 3.

Nanaimo Local History Research Group records [textual record]. -- 1979-1981.
.5 cm of textual records

Series consists of a financial statement, a report and the mandate of the Nanaimo Local History Research Group. This group was organized as a separate entity from the Nanaimo Historical Society as a condition of the granting body "New Horizons". Funds were spent on publishing "Nanaimo Retrospective" and on various other research, transcription and publication projects of the group.

Title based on the contents of the series.
Materials donated by Peggy Nicholls.

Series 4.

Speeches and historical writings [textual record]. -- 1958-1988, intermittent.
3 cm of textual records

Series consists of speeches and historical articles written by members of the historical society or given by guest speakers. Topics include: Hudson's Bay Company, one room schools, Ladysmith, general Nanaimo history, Pioneer Cemetery, local elections, St. John Ambulance Association, the Red Cross Junior Auxiliary and many others.

Title based on the contents of the series.
Research notes and articles written by William Barraclough were originally described as a Museum Research File and locatedat Code 22 Box 12.
These materials were re-described as part of the Historical Society fonds in 2002.

Series 5.
[Not in use].

Series 6.

Photographs [graphic material]. -- [ca. 1975, ca. 2000].
ca. 20 photographs : negatives, prints

Series consists of a contact sheet with seven views of Haslam House and a photograph of Ed Barraclough at the unveiling of the Nanaimo High School commemorative plaque. Reprints of the Haslam House photographs were donated to the Society by Michael Haslam in 2004. Also includes photographs of society members and assorted historical images

Title based on the contents of the series.

Series 7.

Programmes, Projects and Events [textual record]. -- 1958-2009, intermittent.
3 cm of textual records

Series consists of materials related to the programmes, projects and events that the Society participated in or created. Includes material about monthly speaker programmes, field trips, Princess Royal Day, the Doctor's Diary project, the Ships Plaque project and assorted other events and projects. Also includes an alphabetical register of residents of Nanaimo and District prior to 1908 including their descendants and research papers related to Mary Ellen Smith by E. Norcross and given to the NHS. The former was the Centennial project of the Nanaimo branch of the Historical Federation. Most of the volume is blank.

Title based on the contents of the series.

Series 8.

Newsletters [textual record]. -- 1975-2012, intermittent.
3 cm of textual records

Series consists of newsletters.

Title based on the contents of the series.

Series 9.

Miscellaneous [textual record]. -- 1875-1878, [1958-ca. 1998].
2 cm of textual records

Series consists of members obituaries and assorted clippings. Also includes an account book of Joseph Fletcher, who operated a sawmill in the Qualicum area.

Title based on the contents of the series.

Item list.
Series 2.

Sound recordings.

Item 1. Flora McGirr speaking on hotels, pubs, and the Red Cross
Item 2. Lord Amory on the history of the Hudsons Bay Company
Item 3. Joseph E.L. Muir family history and ringing of Bastion Bell and No. 1 Mine Whistle
Item 4. William Barraclogh interviews Ken Kendall, Benjamin Harrison and Edmund Waller
Item 5. William Barraclough interview with Victor Harrison and Brother XII
Item 6. History of Victor Harrison Family and the Bastion
Item 7. Peter Maffeo interview, address at Tribute Dinner and Eulogy
Item 8. Nanaimo Historical Society members' Night: various speakers
Item 9. John Dunham on Nanaimo Harbour
Item 10. Patricia Johnson on "Nanaimo and her People" and on Dr. Kline Grant and early medicine
Item 11. Flora McGirr on the history of Wallace Street and Judge Philpott on the early penal system in Nanaimo
Item 12. Judge Stanley Wardill on the Wardill family since 1887
Item 13. William Barraclough on the early days of Wharf Street and Front Street
Item 14. Gertrude "Happy" Hall on Nanaimo Civic Government past, present, and future
Item 15. William Barraclough interview iwht Captain Arthur Yates
Item 16. Recollection of M.A. Kenny, Hiram Gough and May Woodman
Item 17. William Barraclough interview with Annie Martin
Item 18. William Barraclough interview of John Cass
Item 19. Ron Norris and May Woodman interviews
Item 20. James Anthony, Fire Chief
Item 21. Presentation by Mayor Frank Ney to Nanaimo Historical Society on Feb. 20, 1973 and interview with Mayor Ney
Item 22. William Lewis on his family history
Item 23. George Edwards on mining and life in Northfield
Item 24. Don Sale on the Princess Royal settlers
Item 25. Henry Poikonen interview with George Edwards on the powder works
Item 26. George and Mrs. Edwards on Northfield
Item 27. Lew Thatcher interview
Item 28. C.A.I. Hermansen on the Harmac Tree Farm (arboretum and MacMillan Tree Improvement Centre)
Item 29. Files of yesteryear - Radio CHUB
Item 30: Stanley Isaacson on Wellington Collieries: Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir), mining strie and labour relations
Item 31. George Tranfield presentatioin
Item 32. Pamela Mar on the Hospital Ausilliary and Elizabeth Norcross on the Dunsmuirs and Pioneer Women
Item 33. Harbour tour with Don MacIntosh
Item 34. Princess Royal settlers
Item 35. Physical and cultural geography of Nanaimo by Dr. Elizabeth Forrester and Nanaimo Harbour by Dr. Michael Healy
Item 36. Elizabeth Norcross and Elizabeth Lowe on Wharf Street and Front Street (Barraclogh Memorial Lecture)
Item 37. Frank Minifie on the Esquimalt and Nanaimo and Canadian Pacific Railways
Item 38. Nanaimo Historical Society field trip
Item 39. Pamela Mar presentation: A look a Archives
Item 40. Stella and Gib Stevens family history
Item 50. Nanaimo history slide presentation by Barrie Hardcastle
Item 51. Nanaimo Historical Society Annual Meeting and Barbara Stannard's family history
Item 52. Nanaimo Historical Society meeting with speakers Edna Ince, Dude Norris and Mable Hurford
Item 53. British Columbia Historical Association Conference in Nanaimo
Item 54. Russell Irvine on heritage conservation and speech by Mayor Frank Ney
Item 55. T.D. Sale on Johnny Bryant
Item 56: Interview with Bill Loudon by H. Poikonen and B. Hardcastle
Item 57. Dr. John Lewis speaks about the Nanaimo Concert Band
Item 58. Nanaimo Historical Society 25th Anniversary and Flora McGirr on hotels
Item 59. Robert Turner on coastal ships, heritage buildings in Victoria, and Judge Franklyn
Item 60. Dr. Daniel Gallagher on mining on Vancouver Island
Item 61. Cuthbert Brown on Nanaimo history
Item 62. CPR steamships: A slide presentation by Dr. Robert Turner
Item 63. Vic Wilson on Cascade Wilderness Historic Trails
Item 64. Betty Greenwell recalls the Miner's Ladies Auxiliary in South Welling, Nanaimo Council of Women, and Nanaimo and District Joint Labour Council
Item 65. Italian community: interviews by H. Poikonen of Mrs. Andy Ercolini, Gino Sedola and Mrs. Marie Bortignon (nee Corso)
Item 66. Nanaimo coal history: a slide show presented by Barrie Hardcastle
Item 67. Jack Roff on pioneer family
Item 68. Ted Little on the villages of Sne-Ny-Mo
Item 69. Elizabeth Norcross on women's role in cultural growth of early Nanaimo
Item 70. Frank Valli family history
Item 71. Isabelle Rowe family history
Item 72. Thomas and Josephine Michael family history
Item 73. Harold Thorneycroft interview
Item 74. Jimmy John and Leslie John: Nootka carvers
Item 75. Princess Royal Day recording
Item 76: Princess Royal Day
Item 77: Interview with Albert Steele and Mr. Winthrop by Henry Poikonen and Barrie Hardcastle
Item 78. Bill Loudon on the reserve mine, mining techniques and safety
Item 79. Mining and family history: an interview with Nelson and Alex Dean
Item 80. Arthur "Bud" Sandland on Nanaimo soccer history
Item 81: Coal mining in 20's and 30's with Bill Crashaw and Mr. Mercer and first nations history with Edison White
Item 82. Clarence Karr on the Hudson's Bay and Northwest companies
Item 83. M.E. Jordan on Captain George Vancouver and John Parker on early Nanaimo school days
Item 84. Reverend Reginald Purdy on the Queen Charlotte Islands and E. Blanche Norcross on the Cowichan Valley
Item 85. Bill Spowart on Coast Salish drums and dance
Item 86: William Barraclough on Adam Grant Horne and John P. Tully on the history of oceanography of the Pacific Coast
Item 87. William Barraclogh on electricity in Nanaimo and on the SS Beaver
Item 88. William Barraclough on the exploration of Juan de Fuca and Georgia Straits
Item 89. William Barraclough on the Boundary Commission Survey of the 49th parallel and on John Keast Lord
Item 90. William Barraclough on the Nanaimo Gas Works
Item 91. William Barraclough on J.C. Bryant and on formative days of Nanaimo: sketches of pioneer citizens
Item 92. Audrey Alexandra Brown on James Miller Brown and Sister Mary Luca on St. Ann's Convent and Academy in Nanaimo
Item 93. Daryl Bate on Bate family and William Manson on Manson family history
Item 94. Dr. Seriol Williams on Captain Yates
Item 95. Joel and Henry Poikonen interview with Lillian Dixon about the Finnish community
Item 96. Henry Poikonen interview with Joel Poikonen about the Finns in Nanaimo
Item 97. William Ince presentation
Item 98. Cedar District remembered, by Mr. and Mrs. Ivor Thomas: interviews by Joel and Henry Poikonen
Item 99. An interview with John Thompson Cowie and an interview with William Lewis
Item 100. Robert Turner on CPR steamships
Item 101. Firechief Albert Dunn
Item 102. John W. Hardcastle: My life in Nanaimo
Item 103. Ainsley J. Helmcken on the life and times of Dr. John S. Helmken and Ellen White on "History, Leadership and Legends of My People"
Item 104. Joseph Kneen: memoirs of Nanaimo
Item 105. William Barraclough reads excerpts from John Charles McGregor's diary
Item 106. Joseph Miller
Item 107. James Knight Nesbitt on the early history of British Columbia, and Don Schon on hand logging of the British Columbia coast
Item 108. Craigdarroch Castle: a presentation by James K. Nesbitt
Item 109. The Nanaimo Connection: BBC Radio Birmingham (England)
Item 110. Phillip J. Piper interview
Item 111. D.N. Radcliffe presentation: People of the Cedar-Canoe Making
Item 112. Stannard family history
Item 113. R.E. Swanson on railways, locomotives and mines in Nanaimo
Item 114. Earle Westwood on the Westwood family, and Reverend Purdy on the Queen Charlotte Islands
Item 115. Don Schon interview with A. Fraser Buckham on Vancouver Island coal deposits
Item 116. Rhoda Beck and R. Bruce Scott
Item 117. Files of yesteryear
Item 118. Interview with Alex Gusola by Henry Poikonen
Item 119. William Barraclough on indigenous dogs of the Pacific Northwest coast
Item 120. William Barraclough interview of May Woodman
Item 121. Programmes, projects and events
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