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Mark Bate fonds
Mark Bate fonds [textual record, graphic material, cartographic material]. -- 1862-1927.
30 cm of textual records.
3 photographs.
3 maps.

Mark Bate was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England on December 11, 1837. In 1856, he left England on the barque Princess Royal with his aunt Maria Robinson, his sister Elizabeth Bate and his cousin Cornelius Bryant. The group traveled from Victoria to Nanaimo on the Recovery, arriving in 1857. Bate was employed as a clerk for the Hudson's Bay Company and later as accountant and cashier. The Hudson's Bay Company sold their interests to the Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company in 1862; Bate assumed the position of Manager for the new company in 1869. He held this post until 1884 when he became Office Manager and Samuel Robins became the Superintendent. In 1886, Bate was appointed the Government Agent for the District of Nanaimo, remaining in this post until he retired in 1913. Bate was very active in community affairs. In 1875, he was elected Nanaimo's first mayor and served an additional 15 1-year terms (1876-1879, 1881-1886, 1888-1889, 1898-1900). In 1873, he became Nanaimo's first Justice of the Peace. In 1875, he was appointed by Marine and Fisheries Canada to the Pilotage Authority for British Columbia and in 1879, he was appointed to the separate Pilotage Authority for the Port of Nanaimo. He was the first Chairman of the Board of Education in 1865, president of the Nanaimo Literary Institute for many years, president and conductor of the Nanaimo Brass Band, government appointee to the Hospital Board and a member of numerous organizations including Ashlar Lodge, No. 3., Ancient Order of Foresters, Oddfellows, Arch of the Druids, American Legion of Honour and Master Workman of the Ancient Order of United Workmen. In 1865, Bate began publishing, with partners, a newspaper called the "Gazette." The business folded after six months. In later years, Bate returned to writing and published numerous articles on Nanaimo history in the local paper. Bate married Sarah Ann Cartwright in 1859 and had five sons and five daughters. Sarah died in 1897. In 1901, Bate married Hannah Harrison, whom he had met on an extended visit to England. Hannah died in 1919. In 1927, Bate traveled to Birmingham, England and died there. His remains were returned to Nanaimo for burial in the public cemetery.

The records were donated by Bate's great-great grandson Darren Marshall. The records were stored in the basement of Marshall's mother's house until her death then donated to the Nanaimo Community Archives.

Fonds consists of the personal, professional and political papers of Mark Bate. Also included are the estate records of individuals for whom Bate served as executor including Maria Snow (Robinson), E. Pimbury, J. Webb, and T.E. Peck. Fonds is arranged in four series: 1) Personal papers; 2) Estate papers; 3) Professional papers; and 4) Political papers.

Title based on the contents of the fonds.
Series descriptions and file lists available. See also Bate family fonds.

Series 1.

Personal papers [textual record, graphic material]. --1862-1927.
10 cm of textual records.
3 photographs.

Series consists of Mark Bate's personal papers including speeches and notes on Nanaimo and Masonic historical topics, correspondence, wills, a Literary Institute report, pilotage authority appointment papers, land records, a diary, two photographs, a passport and a drawing and photograph of the gravestone and a memorial card for son George Arthur Bate, who died at the age of 10.

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Series 2.

Estate papers [textual record, cartographic material]. -- 1868-1911.
8 cm of textual records.
2 maps.

Series consists of the estate papers of Maria Snow (Robinson), J. Webb, E. Pimbury and T.E. Peck for whom Bate was the executor. Includes release documents for the Pimbury and Webb estates, and bank records, receipts, wills and other legal documents related to the T.E. Peck and Snow estates.

Title based on the contents of the series.
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Series 3.

Professional papers [textual record]. -- 1869-1888.
4 cm of textual records.

Series includes records related to Mark Bate's employment with the Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company. Includes correspondence, contracts, a petition, correspondence related to coal rights and the Chemainus Indian Band and the Nanaimo Band at the Nanaimo River, and power of attorney papers.

Title based on the contents of the series.
File list available.

Series 4.

Political papers [textual record, cartographic material]. -- 1875-
5 cm of textual records.
1 map.

Series consists of correspondence and speeches from Mark Bate's multiple tenures as mayor. Also included are copies of a waterworks agreement between the City and the Nanaimo Waterworks Company.

Title based on the contents of the series.
File list available.

File list

Series 1. Personal papers

File 1. Correspondence, 1897
File 2. Correspondence, 1919
File 3. Correspondence, 1922-1926
File 4. Speeches, ca. 1915-1926
File 5. Masonic records, 1880-1927
File 6. Land records, 1864-1912
File 7. Diaries, 1927
File 8. Passport, 1924
File 9. Bank passbook, 1912
File 10. Notes and ephemera, ca. 1870-1900
File 11. Photographs, ca. 1927
File 12. St. Paul's Literary Institute report, 1862
File 13. George Arthur Bate memorial items and photograph, 1876
File 14. Appointments to Pilotage Authority, 1875, 1879
File 15. Wills, 1919

Series 2. Estate papers

File 1. Maria Snow correspondence and will, 1868-1897
File 2. Webb Estate release, 1905
File 3. Pimbury Estate release, 1911
File 4. Peck Estate insurance papers, 1893-1897
File 5. Peck Estate maps, ca. 1900
File 6. Peck Estate wills, 1891
File 7. Peck Estate legal documents, notes and correspondence, 1880-1898
File 8. Peck Estate receipts, 1890-1911
File 9. Peck Estate cancelled cheques, 1892-1896

Series 3. Professional papers

File 1. Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company records, 1869-1888

Series 4. Political papers

File 1. Waterworks agreements, 1884,1886
File 2. Correspondence, speeches and testimonial, 1875-1886
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