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Independent Order of Good Templars, Onward Lodge No. 2 (Nanaimo) fonds
Independent Order of Good Templars, Onward Lodge No. 2 (Nanaimo) fonds [textual record]. -- 1886 -1911 (intermittent).
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The Independent Order of Good Templars (IOGT) originated as one of a number of fraternal organizations for temperance or total abstinence founded in the 19th century and with a structure modeled on Freemasonry, using similar ritual and regalia. Unlike many, however, it admitted men and women equally, and also made no distinction by race. In Nanaimo, Onward Lodge No. 2 was established around 1886. Earliest officers included Samuel Gough, Sister H. Woodward, Andrew Haslam, W. Bryant, J. Randle, Sister A. Woodward, M. Manson, J.S. Stirtan, Sister H. Gough, Whitefield [Whitfield?], M. Staples, Sister E.J. Gilbert and Rev. A.E. Green.

Most of the records were donated to the Nanaimo Museum in an undocumented transaction and later transferred to the Nanaimo Archives. In 2014, a second volume of minutes was donated to the archives by Monique Miller whose father had found it in his home.

Fonds consists of records created by the Independent Order of Good Templars in Nanaimo. Includes two volumes of minutes (1888-1894, 1906-1911), two volumes related to supply purchases (1886, 1887-1890), 1 volume for quarterly returns (1886 -1893). Also includes miscellaneous items including a Journal of Proceedings for the Grand Lodge of BC (1888) which includes memorial pages to members Samuel Myers and D.W. Gordon.

Title based on the contents of the fonds.
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