Syd Moore collection

          Syd Moore collection [graphic material]. -- 1922-[ca.1980], intermittent
          8 photographs : b&w, col.
         Syd Moore was born in Nanaimo in 1909. He worked as a meat cutter at a number of local stores, including Eatons and Safeway. Moore  was best known as a musician, playing the banjo and the ukelele in a variety of bands including the "Swingsters" with George Pimlock and Stan Brinham,  "Syds Serenaders"  with Alan Galloway, Enid Galloway, Wilf Turner and Godfrey Stewart and later, the "Bowenaires."  Syd served in the navy in World War II and, shortly after, married Myrtle (maiden name unknown).
          Items were donated by Dave Hobbs.
          Collection consists of photographs related to Syd Moore's family and activities.
          Title based on the contents of the collection.
          Item level descriptions available. 

LOCATION    E-02-03 Box 7; E-08-04 Oversize Photograph Box 1 

Photograph List

Photograph 1. 

          Syd's Serenaders, [ca. 1949]
          1 photograph : b&w
          Item is a photograph of the Syd's Serenaders band showing Syd Moore, Allan Galloway, Godfrey Stewart, Enid Galloway and Wilf Turner with instruments.

ITEM NO  2001 012 A-P1 

Photograph 2.

          Rebekah Garden Party, June 1972
          1 photograph : b&w
          Item is a photograph of a Rebekah garden party.  Myrtle Moore is in the photograph; other people are identified on the back of the image. 

ITEM NO  2001 012 A-P2

Photograph 3. 

          Lion's Club group, Nov 1954
          Item is a group photograph of members of the Lion's Club.  Many of the group are in "blackface" makeup.

ITEM NO  2001 012 A-P3

Photographs 4 & 5. 

          Photographs of Syd Moore and friends, [198?]
          2 photographs : col.
          File consists of two photographs of Syd Moore playing music with other people (possibly former bandmates).

ITEM NO          2001 012 A-P4
                          2001 012 A-P5

Photograph 6.

          Syd Moore and band members, [Reprinted ca. 1995 (originally created ca. 1932)]
          1 photograph : b&w
          Item is a reprint of a photograph of a band, including Syd Moore, playing on a stage, possibly the Pygmy Pavillion.  Includes a photocopied sheet with band member names.

ITEM NO  2001 012 A-P6

Photograph 7.

           Bowling champion, [Photocopied ca. 1990 (originally created 1954)]
           1 photograph : b&w, photocopy
          Item is a photocopy of a photograph of the Canadian Legion # 10 Pin League Champs of 1953/54.  Team included Syd Moore, J. Hackwood, J. Little, D. Fontana, J. Sedola, E. Stolzenberg and Captain W. Broderick.

ITEM NO  2001 012 A-P7 

Photograph 8.

          Nanaimo Silver Cornet Prize Band, July 1922, 1 photograph : b&w, mounted on cardstock
          Item is a photograph of the Nanaimo Silver Cornet Prize Band in 1922.  The photograph was taken in front of the courthouse.

ITEM NO  2001 012 A-P8