Western Fuel Corporation of Canada fonds
        Western Fuel Corporation of Canada fonds [textual record, graphic material]. -- 1910-1942.
50 cm of textual records
11 photographs
        In 1903, the Western Fuel Company, incorporated in California, purchased the New Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company, successor to the Hudson's Bay Company. In 1918, the company was incorporated under the British Columbia Companies Act as the Canadian Western Fuel Company Ltd. to give it a Canadian identity for tax reasons. In 1921, all company assets were conveyed to Henry Squarebriggs MacKay, a Los Angeles lawyer. A major change in the U.S. shareholders and the need for further financing necessitated the formation of a new company and resulted in the dissolution of the Canadian Western Fuel Company Ltd. In 1921, the new company, the Western Fuel Corporation of Canada Ltd. was incorporated under the British Columbia Companies Act and conveyed from H.S. MacKay. There was another reorganization in 1923 although the company name did not change. To differentiate between this and the predecessor company, company records refer to "Old Company" and "New Company" In 1928, the whole of the company's common shares were sold to Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. While operations were directed by the new parent company, they were carried on under the Western Fuel name until the closure of its mines by the exhaustion of the coal measures.
        The Coal Register was donated to the Nanaimo District Museum in an undocumented transaction in March, 1971; the Accounts ledger (1917-1924) was donated to the Museum in 1988 (Accn No.: 988.141) by William Johnstone via Len Eaterbrook and Doreen Loor, the Annual Report, 1915, was donated to the Archives by R.S. Isaacson in 1992. The voucher record (1910-1913) was donated by Eli Iantkow of Coombs in 1971 who found it in 1961 in the mine office building on Farquhar Street during demolition. The remaining records were donated to the Museum in undocumented transactions. The subsidiary coal ledger was extracted from a group of unrelated records in Accession 1999 036 A.
        Fonds consists of the administrative and operational records of the Western Fuel Company and its successor companies. The records of its eventual parent company, Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. are described separately. Fonds is arranged in the following series: 1) Annual report; 2) Correspondence; 3) Financial records; 4) Coal record books; and 5) Photographs.
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Series 1.
        Annual report of Nanaimo Department, Western Fuel Company [textual record].--1915.
1 cm of textual records
        Series consists of an annual report from the local manager of the Nanaimo Department of the Western Fuel Company to the President of the company in San Francisco. Report includes information on mining operations, lands, the Harewood saw mill, reservoirs, railways, the seawall, and Wakesiah (Company) Farm.
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Series 2.
        Correspondence [textual record]. -- [1915], 1933.
3 leaves
        Series consists of correspondence related to the company's property in Section 1 of Nanaimo District and the sale of property at Jack and Duke Points.
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Series 3.
         Financial records [textual record]. -- 1910-1941.
38 cm of textual records
        Series consists of the financial records of the Western Fuel Company and its successors and includes a disbursement voucher register, a voucher record, tax assessments, a ledger of accounts, a coupon book, cheques and invoices and a record of invoices.
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Series 4.
        Coal record books [textual record]. -- 1916-1922, 1938 -1942.
8 cm of textual records
        Series consists of a register of coal weighed and shipped from company mines (1938-1942) and an indexed subsidiary coal ledger (1916-1922).
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        Cover missing from coal register.
        Museum accession number : 988.174.
 Series 5.
        Photographs [graphic material]. -- [192-].
11 photographs : 1 album ; 35.5 x 27 cm
        Series consists of a portfolio of photographs of the Western Fuel Corporation of Canada's operations including views of the No. 1 Mine (a&b), Reserve Mine (c), harbour and bunkers (d&e), loading wharf (f), bunkering a 12,000 ton steamer (g), ferry slip and barge for loading railway cars (h), lump coal in car (i), sacking coal for shipment (j),and harbour and wharves from the sea (k).
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        There are two copies of this volume; one has more photographs than the other.
File List
Series 3.
File 1. Invoices with attached cancelled cheques
File 2. Voucher ledger incl. bills collected for Shaft No. 1, Northfield No. 4, and Harewood Mill
File 3. Two account ledgers
File 4. Record of invoices
File 5. Disbursement voucher register
File 6. Notices of tax assessment and receipts for taxes for property on Galiano Island
File 7. Two pages from coupon book