Victor B. Harrison fonds
        Victor B. Harrison fonds [textual record]. -- 1916 - 1944.
7 cm of textual records

        Born in Nanaimo in 1885, Victor Harrison was the second of four sons of Judge Eli Harrison, first County Court judge appointed on Vancouver Island. All of the Harrison sons entered the legal profession. In 1908, Victor was called to the Bar. He started his legal career in Ladysmith with the law firm Drake, Jackson and Helmcken. In 1909, he was named Magistrate. He later moved to Nanaimo and opened his first office in the Eagle building. Mr. Harrison brought action on behalf of a Boston woman for recovery of $25,000 against the Brother XII Aquarian Foundation which led to charges against Brother XII himself. In 1925-6, he was elected to his first term as Mayor of Nanaimo. He served as Mayor again from 1938-1944. Mr. Harrison was nominated as the Conservative candidate for the B.C. Legislature in 1920 and again in 1940, but was defeated both times. He had a long association with the Native Sons and served as Chief Factor and Grand Factor in 1923-1924 and in 1925 respectively. As a member of the Native Sons, Harrison was instrumental in the creation of Petroglyph Provincial Park in Nanaimo. Harrison was also involved in preserving the Nanaimo Bastion and artifacts. Harrison retired in the 1950s and died in 1971.
         The records in Series 1 & 3 (Accession 1996 003) were found after Mr. Harrison's death in a house at East Wellington and Westwood Lake Roads (now demolished for the Parkway). Frank Strazza, who owned the house, donated the records in 1996. An earlier donation (Series 2) was made to the Nanaimo District Museum in an undocumented transaction. These records were dispersed to a variety of subject files by Museum staff. They were subsequently combined with the Strazza donation to form this fonds.
         Fonds consists of the personal and business records of Victor B. Harrison. Fonds is arranged in three series: 1) Correspondence; 2) Coal rights applications and 3) Miscellaneous.
        Title based on the contents of the fonds.
        Series descriptions available.
        Records arranged by Archives staff.
Series 1.
        Correspondence [textual record]. -- 1918-1944
1 cm of textual records

        Series consists of Harrison's business and personal correspondence.
        Title based on contents of the series.
 Series 2.
        Coal rights applications [textual record]. -- 1917-1918.
5 cm of textual records

         Series consists of records related to the application for crown grants under the Vancouver Island Settlers Rights Act 1909 and the Vancouver Island Settlers Rights Act, 1904 (amended 1917). The series includes applications which have been grouped into files under legal description of property and may include any combination of applications, affadavits, correspondence, declarations and plans. Series also includes correspondence from the Department of Lands and a brief regarding the Royal Commission under the "Public Inquiries Act" related to application for coal under lands in the County of Nanaimo.
        Title based on contents of the series.
        Series has been arranged by Archives Staff.
        Records related to specific properties have been grouped together as files with the legal description of the property used as the file title.
        Indexes (by surname and by property) for these files are available in the box.
        An index to the names and properties noted in the brief is available in the brief file folder.
        Related records are available in the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. fonds, Series 2.
Series 3.
        Miscellaneous [textual record]. -- 1912-1937
1 cm of textual records
        Series includes shares and debentures (none in Harrison's name) for various companies, an election handout for Harrison's 1923 bid for Alderman and Police Commissioner, lottery tickets and a book of complementary tickets from the Capital Theatre in Nanaimo.
        Title based on contents of the series.