Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company fonds
        Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company fonds [textual record, cartographic material]. -- 1862 -1899.
18 cm of textual records
3 maps
        The Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Co. Ltd. was registered and incorporated in England under the Imperial Joint Stock Companies Acts (1856-7) in 1862. The VCMLC took title to the Hudson's Bay Company's interests, including all mines, machinery, buildings, sawmill, wharves, land and Newcastle and Douglas [now Protection] Islands in September of 1862. Under the VCMLC, mining operations intensified. By 1864, the Company was selling building lots. The Company had no local major competition until 1871 when Robert Dunsmuir began development of the Wellington Mines north of Nanaimo. The VCMLC developed and operated the following mines: Old Douglas Shaft (1862-1886); New Douglas and Chase River Mine (1874-1886); Fitzwilliam Mine (1872-1882); Southfield Nos. 1 and 2 (1882-1894); Southfield Nos. 3 and 4 (1888-1901); Chase River No. 3 Pit (1886-1894); Esplanade No. 1 and 2 (1881-1938); Protection Island Shaft (1890-1938); Northfield Mine (1889-1895) and Harewood Mine [1891-?). The Company had a number of notable Superintendants and Managers including Mark Bate, Charles Nicol and Samuel Robins. In 1889, the Company was reorganized as the New Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company Ltd. In 1902, the Company was purchased by the Western Fuel Corporation of California which was registered as an extra-provincial company in December 1902.
        The cash book, many of the administrative records and the transcript of the Bryden journal were donated to the Nanaimo District Museum in undocumented transactions and transferred to the Nanaimo Community Archives in 1993. The remaining materials were donated to the Archives by D.S. Isaacson in 1992 (1992 032 A) and Albert Diplock in 1993 (1993 048 A). Isaacson's father, S.V., was the Secretary-Treasurer of Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd. and had collected the materials to write a history of the coal companies. Diplock was a member of the Nanaimo Native Sons and collected the materials during the years when the Native Sons ran the Bastion Museum. The letterbooks and director's diary were donated in 2000 (2000 029 A).
        Fonds consists of records which document the operations of the Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company in the Nanaimo area. The fonds includes both original and photocopied materials. The fonds is arranged in three series 1) Administrative records; 2) Journals and 3) Financial records.
        Title based on the contents of the fonds.
        Series descriptions and file list available.
        Conservation restrictions apply.
        Related records may be found in the Mark Bate fonds (Series 3). 
        Arranged into series by Archives staff.
Series 1.
        Administrative records [textual record, cartographic material]. -- 1862-1899.
13 cm of textual records
3 maps
        Series consists of records related to the administration of the Company's coal mining and land interests in the Nanaimo area. lncludes correspondence, deeds, a sketch plan, conveyances, contracts, and a declaration. Also includes a director's diary (1881-1882) and two letterbooks (1869-1873 & 1873-1882).
        Title based on the contents of the series.
        Letterbook (1869-1873) extremely fragile. Researchers must use transcript.         
        File list available.
Series 2.
        Journals [textual record]. -- 1868-1888, [ca. 1975]
3.2 cm of textual records

        Series consists of one original journal and photocopied transcripts of two journals.
        Title based on the contents of series.
        Restrictions on both transcripts apply.
Series 3.
        Financial records [textual record]. -- 1863 -1864
12 leaves

        Series consists of a cashbook which includes general and payroll accounts. Some entries are initialled "C.N." Charles Nicol was an early Manager of the Company. The entries are made in the back of the Hudson's Bay Company letterbook of 1852 -1853.
        Title based on contents of the series.
        Original museum code: AR1/18.
File List.
Series 1.
File 1. Power of attorney
File 2. Orders for Mr. Mark Bate
File 3. C.S. Nicol letterbook (transcript) 1860-1865
File 4. Confirmation deed and declaration
File 5. Letter of agreement between VCMLC and the Nanaimo Indian Band
File 6. Agreement between Bank of British Columbia and Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company
File 7. Conveyance, VCMLC to James Leask
File 8. Deeds
File 9. Sketch plans
File 10. Indenture from HBC to VCMLC
File 11. Director's diary
File 12. Transcript of McGregor journal
File 13. Work journal
File 14. John Brydon records
File 15. Letterbook
File 16. Correspondance
File 17. Letterbook