Sarah Louise Wright fonds

            Sarah Louise Wright fonds [textual record, graphic material]. -- 1892-1941.
12 cm of textual records.
2 paintings. 

        Sarah Louise Wright was born in the County of Peel (Ontario), the daughter of Wesley R. Wright. She attended high school in Streetsville and later studied at the Ontario Agricultural College at Guelph. She was active with the Methodist Church. Louise Wright worked as a dietician at Brandon College (Manitoba) before moving to British Columbia to work (as a dietician) at the Tranquille Sanatorium near Kamloops. She also owned property in Naramata used for fruit growing. Louise Wright later lived in Nanaimo, where she died in 1955 at the age of 79.
          The records were in the custody of Arthur and Alice (nee Wright) Leighton in their house on Hammond Bay Road (Nanaimo). Alice Leighton was the sister of Sarah Louise Wright. The records were subsequently in the custody of Dr. Seriol Williams, who purchased the Leighton house. They were donated to the archives via the Nanaimo Historical Society.
      The fonds consists of records relating to Louise Wright's schooling in Ontario, her career at Brandon College and Tranquille Sanatorium, and her fruit growing interests in Naramata. Fonds includes personal correspondence; education certificate, college notebook, and autograph book; tax records; business records relating to her Naramata property; pamphlets providing dietary information; and, ephemera. Included in the fonds are two paintings done by Wright in 1894 and 1896. Fonds is arranged in 5 series: 1) Personal correspondence; 2) Educational records; 3) Financial records; 4) Reference material; and, 5) Artwork. 
            Title based on the contents of the fonds.
            Series descriptions and file list available.
       Records of the Wright family and of Louise Wright's sister, Alice Leighton, are available respectively as the Wright family fonds and the Arthur and Alice Leighton fonds. 

Series 1. 

            Personal correspondence [textual record]. -- 1892-1917.
            1 folder.

           The series consists of correspondence inwards of Louise Wright, primarily from other family members while she was attending school.
            Title based on the contents of the series.
            File list available. 

Series 2. 

            Educational records [textual record]. -- 1888-1894.
            4 cm of textual records. 

         Series consists of the entrance examination certificate (1888) of Louise Wright, along with an autograph album (with messages from fellow high school and college classmates) and a notebook from a "Plain Sewing" course at the Ontario Agricultural College.
            Title based on the contents of the series.
            File list available.

Series 3. 

            Financial records [textual record]. -- 1919-1941.
            4 cm of textual records.

         Series consists of Louise Wright's federal and provincial income tax records; and, business correspondence and tax records relating to her property in Naramata, B.C.
            Title based on the contents of the series.
            File list available.

Series 4. 

            Reference material [textual record]. -- 1911-1943.
            3 folders.

          Series consists of pamphlets used by Louise Wright as a dietician, along with ephemera including a memorial card for her father, W.R. Wright, and a menu (1936) for Christmas dinner at the Tranquille Sanatorium (Kamloops).
            Title based on the contents of the fonds.
            File list available.

Series 5. 

            Artwork [graphic material]. -- 1894, 1896.
            2 paintings.  

            Series consists of two still-life paintings done by Louise Wright in her youth.
            Title based on the contents of the series.
            File list available.

File List

Series 1.           Personal Correspondence. 

File 1.               Personal correspondence, 1892-1917 

Series 2.           Educational Records. 

File 1.               Entrance examination certificate, 1889
File 2.               Autograph album, 1888-1894
File 3.               "Plain Sewing" course notebook 

Series 3.           Financial Records. 

File 1.               Income tax - federal, 1919-1941
File 2.               Income tax - provincial, 1928-1941
File 3.               Business correspondence - Naramata property, 1931-1937
File 4.               Insurance policies - Naramata property, 1925-1931
File 5.            Property and irrigation tax records - Naramata property, 1923-1931

Series 4.           Reference Material. 

File 1.               Pamphlets - Dietary information, 1942-1943
File 2.             Nanaimo-Duncan Utilities - Home Service Dept. Circulars, 1937-1939
File 3.               Ephemera, 1911, 1936 

Series 5.           Artwork. 

File 1.              Paintings