Native Sons of B.C. Post No. 3 (Nanaimo) fonds 

        Native Sons of B.C. Post No. 3 fonds [textual record, graphic material, sound recording]. -- 1886, 1900-1990. 
        252 cm of textual records 
        74 photographs 
        4 sound recordings  
        The Native Sons was a fraternal organization established in  Victoria, British Columbia. The Native Son's overall mandate was to collect and preserve information and artifacts related to the early history and subsequent development of British Columbia.  Officially incorporated in 1945, the Nanaimo branch was formed in 1900. First officers included: Frank J. Stannard (Past Chief Factor), Joseph E.L. Muir (1st Chief Factor), Edward Gibson (1st Vice Factor), Benjamin D. Brown (2nd Vice Factor), Albert E. Hilbert (Hon. Treasurer), William F. Norris (Secretary Treasurer), John C. McGregor (Recording Secretary), David Renwick (Inside Sentinel) and Arthur Dixon (Outside Sentinel).  The first trustees elected were: Enoch Sage, James Brown, Oliver Randle, Andrew J. Smith and Vernon Stewart. For many years, the  Native Sons used the Bastion as a meeting hall and museum. The organization eventually dissolved and the care of the Bastion was taken over by the Bastion Museum Society in the mid 1980s and, eventually, by the Nanaimo  Museum, who still operate it today. 
        Most records (1992 025 C) were deposited in the City Archives Vault at an unknown date and transferred to the Nanaimo Community Archives in 1992. The account book (1900-1926?) was donated to the Nanaimo District Museum in 1991 by the Nanaimo Bastion Museum Society and transferred to the Archives in 1993. A correspondence file was donated in 1996 by Sally Rozzano, historian for the Native Daughters. Rozzano received the file from Dolly Nicholson who had received it from Alfred Diplock, a Native Son. 
        Fonds consists of records relating to the Native Son's activities including the preservation and use of the Bastion. The records have been arranged in the following series:1) Executive Records; 2) Correspondence; 3) Financial Records; 4) Guest Books (Discarded 2016); 5) Membership; 6) Bastion Collection; 7) Photographs and 8) Miscellaneous. 
        Title based on the contents of the fonds. 

Series 1. 

        Executive records [textual record]. -- 1900-1981. 
        26 cm of textual records. 
        Series consists of the executive records of the Native Sons of Nanaimo Post No. 3 and includes minutes, resolutions, agreements, reports, a certificate of incorporation, a copy of the Societies Act, a copy of the certificate of encumbrances, legal (court) papers and land registry material for the Bastion. 
        Title based on the contents of the series. 

Series 2 

        Correspondence [textual record]. -- 1904, 1922-1986. 
        13 cm of textual records. 
        Series consists of correspondence of the Natives Sons Post No. 3 and includes  information regarding the Bastion centennial project, consideration of a name change for Vancouver Island, monuments, letter from the  Chinese National Salvation Committee, letters  from the Native Daughters and the Grand Post, letters of sympathy, letters from the Smithsonian Institution regarding artifacts and petroglyphs and a list of pioneers who arrived before 1875. 
        Title based on contents of series. 

Series 3. 

        Financial Records [textual record]. -- 1900-1990 
        39 cm of textual records. 
        Series consists of financial records of the Native Sons Post No.3 and consists of dues ledgers, receipts and disbursement ledgers, deposit book, account statements, financial statements, statement of income and losses, cheque stubs, bank slips, property and revenue tax slips and records pertaining to Youth Employment Programs. 
        Title based on contents of series. 

Series 4.  (Discarded, 2016) 

Series 5.  

        Membership [textual record]. -- 1925-1949, 1963-1985 
        5 cm of textual records. 
        Series consists of membership lists, records of attendance, petition for membership, copy of initiation ceremony, membership applications and a copy of the Societies Act for the Nanaimo Native Sons Post No. 3. 
        Title based on contents of series. 

Series 6. 

        Bastion Collection [textual record]. -- 1886, 1927, 1951-1977, intermittent 
        2 cm of textual records 

        Series consists of materials that were part of the Bastion Museum archival collection including: a debenture for the Malaspina Hotel, a certificate of proof of Charles Wilson's apprenticeship as a joiner and builder, a copy of a programme for a Princess Royal Day event showing descendants of original pioneers, a 1943 poem about Nanaimo, an agreement to move the Bastion (1890), a letter of condolence for deaths in mining disaster (1887), a conveyance to Samuel Robins for property on Wallace Street (Horne), a Sunday School attendance record (1874), information about  artifacts including the Hepburn Stone, a petition to the City for the Native Sons to take over care of the Bastion, and a indenture for sale between William McGregor and the Vancouver Coal Mining and Land Company for property on Haliburton Street (Block 10, Lot 20), dated 1886. 

Series 7 

        Photographs [graphic material]. -- 1890-1974, intermittent 
        74 photographs 
        Series consists of photographs, predominantly of the Bastion. 
        Title based on contents of series. 

Series 8. 

        Track and Field Club records [textual record, object]. --  1931-1951, intermittent. 
        3 cm of textual records. 
        1 badge 
        Series consists of records related to the Nanaimo Track and Field Association which was operated under the auspices of the Native Sons. 
        Title based on the contents of the series. 

Series 9. 

        Miscellaneous [textual recordobjectsound recording]. -- 1902-1986, intermittent. 
        4 cm of textual records 
        4 audio recordings 
        Series consists of miscellaneous material including a "History of the Bastion", certificates, and newspaper clippings. Also includes audio tapes of interviews conducted by Gerald Boucher in 1986 of Bill and Barb Stannard, Alf Flett, Karen Baillie and C.R. (Reg) Dickinson. Interview topics include Native Sons of British Columbia, Nanaimo Bastion, Artifact Collection and Tourists. 
        Title based on contents of series.