Nanaimo Historical Society fonds

          Nanaimo Historical Society fonds [textual record, sound recording, graphic material]. --     1953-2004, intermittent
          12 cm of textual records
          112 sound recordings
          20 photographs 

         Established in 1953, the Nanaimo Historical Society is a member society of the British Columbia Historical Association (now Federation). The Society hosts monthly meetings which typically feature a guest speaker.  In addition, the Society has produced a number of publications, most notably "Nanaimo Retrospective" "From the Black Country to Nanaimo"  and "The Company on the Coast".  The Society also funds the Ethel Barraclough Memorial Scholarship which is given for outstanding student essays.  The Nanaimo Community Archives, the Nanaimo Heritage Advisory Committee (now Nanaimo Community Heritage Commission) and the Nanaimo Museum were initiated by the Nanaimo Historical Society.
        Fonds was created from materials from numerous donors including the Nanaimo District Museum and members of the society.  Much of the material was donated to the Museum in undocumented transactions and subsequently transferred to the Nanaimo Community Archives. Since 2006, the Society has donated records directly to the Archives.
          Fonds consists of records related to the governance and activities of the Nanaimo Historical Society. Fonds is arranged in the following series 1) Executive records; 2) Sound recordings; 3) Nanaimo Local History Research group records; 4) Speeches and historical writings; 5) Register of residents; and 6) Photographs.
          Title based on contents of the fonds.
          Series descriptions available..
          Further accruals are expected. 

ACCESSIONS:     1993 006 NHS, 1993 021 NHS, 1996 025 NHS, 1997 011 NHS2000 033 NHS, 2002 034 NHS, 2004 041 NHS, 2008 007 NHS, 2009 020 NHS

Series 1. 

          Executive records [textual record]. -- 1953-2004, intermittent.
          8 cm of textual records. 

         Series consists of annual reports, minutes, correspondence, executive job descriptions, programme correspondence, materials related to BCHF conferences in Nanaimo in 1958 and 1979, newspaper clippings and press releases related to the activities of the Nanaimo Historical Society including write-ups about guest  speakers, scholarships, Princess Royal day ceremonies and an invitation to the Society's first meeting in 1953.
          Title is based on the contents of the series.
          File list available. 

LOCATION     E-07-04 Box 4 

Series  2. 

          Sound recordings [sound recording]. -- 1958-1984.
          48 audio reels
          63 audio cassettes
          1 compact disc 

          Series consists of sound recordings created by the Nanaimo Historical Society, predominantly of interviews with local residents and presentations given at the society's monthly meetings.  Many of the earlier interviews were conducted by  William Barraclough. Some of the reels and cassettes were transferred to CD by Vancouver Island University Library in 2001. Some of the reels were transferred to cassette format by the Historical Society.
          Title is based on the contents of the series.
          Unrestricted use for private research purposes. Other uses require written permission.
          Item level descriptions available.
          Transcripts available for selected recordings. 

LOCATION       F-06 Top Shelf (Reels)
                         F-06-01 Box 7 (Reels)
                         E-05-05 Box 1 and Box 2 (Cassettes)
                         E-05-05 Box 3   (CDs)

Series  3 

          Nanaimo Local History Research Group records [textual record]. -- 1979-1981.
          .5 cm of textual records 

          Series consists of a financial statement, a report and the mandate of the Nanaimo Local History Research Group.  This group was organized as a separate entity from the Nanaimo Historical Society as a condition of the granting body "New Horizons".  Funds were spent on publishing "Nanaimo Retrospective" and on various other research, transcription and publication projects of the group.
          Title based on the contents of the series.
          Materials donated by Peggy Nicholls. 

LOCATION        E-07-04 Box 4 

Series 4. 

          Speeches and historical writings [textual record]. -- 1958-1988, intermittent.
          3 cm of textual records

       Series consists of speeches and historical articles written by members of the historical society or given by guest speakers.  Topics include: Hudson's Bay Company, one room schools, Ladysmith, general Nanaimo history, Pioneer Cemetery, local elections, St. John Ambulance Association, the Red Cross Junior Auxiliary and many others.
          Title based on the contents of the series.
          Research notes and articles written by William Barraclough were originally described as a Museum Research File and located at Code 22 Box 12.  These materials were re-described as part of the Historical Society fonds in 2002. 

LOCATION        E-07-04 Box 4

Series 5

        1958 Centennial Project [textual record]. -- 1958-1960.
          1 v. 

          Series consists of an alphabetical register of residents of Nanaimo and District prior to 1908 including their descendants.  This volume was the Centennial project of the Nanaimo branch of the Historical Federation.  Most of the volume is blank.
          Title based on the contents of the series.
          Original museum code: AR1/15; redescribed as part of the NHS fonds, Oct 2009. 

LOCATION        E-03-06 Oversize 

Series 6. 

          Photographs [graphic material]. -- [ca. 1975, ca. 2000].
          20 photographs : negatives, prints 

          Series consists of a contact sheet with seven views of Haslam House and a photograph of Ed Barraclough at the unveiling of the Nanaimo High School commemorative plaque. Reprints of the Haslam House photographs were donated to the Society by Michael Haslam in 2004. Also includes photographs of society members.
          Title based on the contents of the series. 

LOCATION        E-07-04 Box 4 

File List 

Nanaimo Historical Society fonds

Series 1.      Executive Records

File 1.          Notice of 1st Meeting, 1953
File 2.          Annual Reports, 1957, 1987-2004
File 3.          Minutes, 1997-2000
File 4.          Executive Job Descriptions and Procedures, undated
File 5.          Correspondence, 1961-1985, intermittent
File 6.          Correspondence, 1988-2002
File 7.          BCHF Conference at Nanaimo programme, 1958
File 8.          BCHA Conference at Nanaimo, 1979
File 9.          Programme Correspondence and Notes, 1978, 1995-2001
File 10.        List of Programmes and Field Trips to 1999
File 11.        Miscellaneous
File 12.        Ethel Barraclough Scholarship winner's papers

Series 2.       Sound Recordings 
                     Item level descriptions available on database, select transcripts available on NCA webpage 

Series 3.       Nanaimo Local History Research Group records

File 1.           Mandate, 1979; Report 1980
File 2.           Financial Statement, 1981
Series 4.       Speeches and Writings
Series 5.       Register of Residents, 1958
Series 6.       Photographs

2004 041 NHS-P1 to P5             Views of Haslam House
2004 034 NHS-P6                      Peggy Nicholls and Jacque Mar
2004 034 NHS-P7                      Bill Smith and Len Nicholls
2002 034 NHS-P8                      Society field trip on Bastion City boat
2002 034 NHS-P9                      Nanaimo High School Commemorative Event, 1986