As we go into our regular summer shutdown to accommodate staff holidays, we'd like to give you an update on what we've been doing during our closure and on our future plans.

During the closure, we were busier than ever. On the social media front, we created a new Instagram page and significantly upped our facebook game by posting far more than usual. We continued to answer email research requests (which almost doubled when everyone was at home!) and worked on processing our records backlog. Most recently, we've repainted our public space to create a fresh, bright interior to welcome everyone back in August.

These are difficult times and we are working hard to return to some kind of normal. Safety protocols will be in place for the foreseeable future and we will continue to monitor and respond to the health and safety risks presented by COVID-19. We will be fully re-opened on Wednesday, August 5th and look forward to seeing all our old friends again and to making new ones. See you in August!


In partnership with the Nanaimo Museum, we are pleased to launch


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Established in 1991, the Nanaimo Community Archives is dedicated to preserving the region’s archival heritage. We acquire, preserve and provide public access to the historical records of Nanaimo.

Our holdings include thousands of one-of-a-kind maps, architectural drawings and photographs. The NCA is the official repository of the archival records of the City of Nanaimo, Nanaimo District Museum and the Nanaimo Historical Society. Our holdings also include service club, community organization, fraternal club, family and a wide range of other community records. These records document ordinary and extraordinary people and events that allow us to establish a sense of community, of family, and of particular times and places. They are, in essence, the actual evidence of how we have lived. 

In addition to providing research assistance and staff guidance in our reading room, we offer the following: 

  • Photocopying and Photograph Reproduction 
  • Contract Research Services 
  • Archival Preservation Advice 

By saving the community’s records, we ensure that Nanaimo's rich and unique history will be available to future generations. Be part of preserving your heritage: contact us about donating records, becoming a member or a volunteer, or for more general information.